Accepting My Limitations

Well, I guess I’m doing the smart thing. I spoke to the organization hosting the 5K on Sunday, and they are very kindly allowing me to opt out. I think that, as much as I want to do this race, I’ll actually allow my ankle to heal if I stop concerning myself with the idea of training. I know it’s important to accept this limitation or I’ll just end up hurting myself even more. Still, I really hate quitting and I’d be lying if I said that phone call was easy.

In other news, that SIAB yesterday filled me up! I usually get hungry for a small snack before lunch but this breakfast kept me going all morning. When lunchtime rolled around, I had the other serving of Monday night’s Rice Medley Salad. It was, as expected, even better when served cold. No picture, since I figure you remember what it looked like.

Afterward, I treated myself to a dessert of the other half of yesterday’s banana plus a date. I’d never had a date alone before that I can remember, but after Gina at the fitnessista kindly suggested them in response to an email I sent her a couple of weeks ago asking for ideas for natural sweets, I decided now was as good time as any to try them.

Side note: Gina is a fantastic resource and her blog is one of my all-time favorites. I highly suggest you check it out, especially if you avoid sugar like I do. She doesn’t ever seem to use refined sugar, either.

The date was delicious! My taste buds are definitely starting to adapt to the world of natural sweets. It’s been about a month since I’ve purposefully consumed refined sugar (there have certainly been unfortunate mistakes), and I can’t say I miss it all that much. It’s certainly a good thing that I love fruit.

My 4:30 snack (which really came around 5:00 today) was some greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries and a little honey drizzled on top. I totally forgot to take a picture while it was still pretty with the honey drizzle, so this it what I’ve got.

On my way home from work, I went to Target to pick up this new beauty:

I decided to get a rice cooker, which I then realized I absolutely needed last night after I had a minor mishap with completely burned the first batch of rice on Monday night. I didn’t tell you guys because I didn’t want you to think I was a bad cook on my first day. It’s now only day three, so I guess I gave up on my dreams of being idolized fairly quickly. Anyway, I learned from Lauren today that this rice cooker (which sells for only $15 at Target!) also has a steam tray, and that was perfect for the dinner I had planned for the night: baked tofu and the frozen Asian vegetable blend hanging out in my freezer.

Warning: This tofu, while delicious, does list evaporated cane juice in its ingredients, which I didn’t notice when I bought it. It also lists brown rice syrup earlier in the ingredient list, so it may just not have been enough evaporated cane juice to make me sick.

I cut the 2 blocks of tofu into four slices each and then baked it all at 415 degrees for 30 minutes, flipping the slices halfway through. While this was baking, I broke out my new toy (don’t worry, I washed it first) and got the veggies steaming. Unfortunately, I was using a whole lot of frozen vegetables, so they didn’t cook fast enough for my appetite. I ended up taking half of the veggies out and finished heating them in the microwave. The rest stayed in the steamer.

I’ll post a review for the rice cooker/ steamer after I’ve gotten a little more use out of it, especially since I only partially used it last night.

I added a little soy sauce to the veggies, put the tofu on the side, and had a rockin’ dinner.

Perfect! And, since there was twice this amount, I now have another meal ready to go for later in the week.

I know it kind of seems like I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not. I just go through phases where I don’t eat a ton of meat. There are some weeks that I have chicken almost every day… and I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be consuming some kind of non-veggie burger at the July 4th BBQ I’ll be attending this weekend.

After dinner, I prepped my overnight oats…

…and then basically collapsed in my bed to watch a little “Will & Grace” and then pass out.

By the way, in case you couldn’t tell, my camera finally died and I am now depending on the camera in my phone. Hopefully the new charger will get here soon!


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