Well, today was a good example of ways in which my intolerance can get in the way of life.

My office hosted a barbecue today in celebration of July 4th, which was really nice of them to do. Two trucks were ordered. One for BBQ:

And one for ice cream sandwiches:

I hear both were amazing. Unfortunately, I was unable to eat a single thing on either truck, because sugar was an ingredient in every single item.

I should have anticipated this. And even if I hadn’t anticipated it, I should have come prepared with alternatives. Lesson learned. Thankfully, Lauren came to the rescue. Between a Gardenburger she had stored in the freezer, carrot sticks and a laughing cow cheese I had packed for a snack, and a packet of mustard and handful of pretzels I took from the kitchen, I was at least able to put together a solid lunch.

It’s not pretty and it was no BBQ meal…

… but at least it didn’t make me sick!

I forgot to take pictures of of the ice cream sandwiches. However, Mary, a co-worker, friend, and fellow blogger (check her blog out!), did capture one:

I did, however, manage to get a few shots of the flavors for you:

Did you catch those flavors, by the way? Chocolate Chipotle? Brown Butter & Candied Bacon? Crazy. I heard, however, that the classic Mint Chocolate Chip was by far the fan favorite, due to the actual use of mint leaves as an ingredient.I’m not going to lie. Jealously struck.

I snacked on an apple while my friends ate their ice cream. Oh, well. You can’t win ’em all.


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