Fruit Salad Thursday

Thursdays are an interesting day in my office. You see, there’s this one very cool guy in my company who brings pastries for the entire office to enjoy every Thursday. I am not exaggerating when I say that the vast majority of the office looks forward to and lines up for these pastries.

These pictures are awkward and rushed because I was trying to snap them quickly before people got cranky about me holding up the line.

Alas, I cannot partake. The truth is, I really no longer want to. This doesn’t, however, mean I haven’t been a little bit jealous that everyone else in the office has this fun treat to look forward to every week.

So. Enter Fruit Salad Thursday. Basically, Lauren and I (and sometimes Hanna) have decided to trade off on making a fruit salad for us to share each Thursday. We try to incorporate a variety of fruits from week to week to keep things interesting and I now always look forward to our little treats on Thursday.

This week was my week. I should warn you: this showing is a little lame. I was going to make a tri-melon salad, but upon noticing the funky smell coming from the honeydew, I simply combined some cantaloupe and watermelon. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every bite of my serving with lunch today.

Usually, we enjoy our fruit salad together on Thursday afternoons. Here are some pictures of last week’s (far more impressive) fruit salad extravaganza, which I never got around to posting:

Hanna prepared that one. It’s comprised of bananas, strawberries, mango and papaya. And yes, it’s okay to say it: her salad was much prettier than my attempt this week.

Basically, I think this is a great way of getting around a food situation like this, whether it be because you have an intolerance or allergy like me, or simply because you’re trying to eat healthier. Lauren doesn’t have an intolerance, for instance, but doesn’t feel the need to indulge in pastries every single week.

I think “be prepared!” is becoming my motto. It’s all a learning process, and last week’s BBQ was a good example of a time during which I needed to be prepared (and wasn’t!). For times when I’m out and about and get hungry but can’t find anything around that I can eat, I now always have a couple of Larabars packed in my bag. At work, I have a drawer in my desk full of food that I can eat, since our kitchen is stocked almost entirely with food that would make me sick (I’ll write a post all about that at a later date). Finally, when I go to parties, I always now bring something that I know I can consumer, just in case what’s being served has sugar in it. Sugar is in almost everything, so it’s important for me to think ahead.

Plus, I’m naturally disposed toward being organized. Planning ahead can be fun! It also makes life easier. That’s why I tend to prepare big parts of my week’s meals on Sunday nights.


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