Ten Minute Dinners

As the title bluntly suggests, last night’s (wonderfully delicious) dinner was another simple creation that took fewer than 10 minutes to complete. This has me thinking: I‘m going to start a “10 Minute Dinner Series,” featuring healthy and satisfying meals that are a cinch to prepare on days when you just don’t have time to do anything else. Is that something you’d all like to see on the blog?

I’ll get back to dinner in a minute, though.

Before I left work yesterday, I had a banana with almond butter for the second day in a row. That snack never fails to satisfy me! I also now have a jar ready to go for OOIAJ (that’s Overnight Oats in a Jar for all of you new to the food & fitness blog world), which makes me all happy inside. It’s the little things, you know.

Back to dinner. I had mapped out another blog world-inspired meal for dinner last night: a sweet potato with black beans. I ended up tweaking what I usually see on the blog world by a little bit just to suit my own taste buds and it turned out to be a fantastic meal. It was also one of the most filling meals I have eaten in a loooong time. The truth is, I was perfectly satisfied about 3/4 of the way through, but I finished it anyway because I knew I was way under what my calorie intake should have been yesterday given my calorie output. I’m not sure what the best decision would have been, but that’s the decision I made.

Sweet Potato with Black Beans

The directions for this incredibly simple dinner are as follows:

I cooked a sweet potato in the microwave for about 6 minutes.

I rinsed half a can (about 3/4 cup) black beans, mixed dashes of salt, pepper and garlic powder into them, and microwaved that mixture for 1 minute.

I cut the sweet potato in half, spread the black bean mixture on the inside, dolloped out a spoonful of nonfat plain greek yogurt and sprinkled some shredded cheddar cheese on top.

Another perfectly simple meal.

I followed it with a homemade cookie (and more than my fair share of cookie dough), which I made last night as well. More on that in a later post, though…

In other news, a rare moment occurred this morning: I woke up and just did not want to go to the gym. I got dressed and went anyway. Though I definitely sat in the car for a good few minutes outside the gym before I dragged myself inside, I still went through with the workout. This is an incredibly surprising thing whenever it happens to me, as the gym is usually my favorite time of the day. I’m sure it was really just because I’m tired of the monotony of my workouts, which I notice especially on the days that I would usually be hitting my beloved boot camp. I did a predictable 65 minutes on the elliptical and followed it with an equally predictable 35 minutes on the bike.


I praying to the fitness gods that my ankle will be ready for some more action by next week.

Breakfast this morning will come as no surprise to anyone: overnight oats with nuts and berries!

I’ll leave you for now with a pretty little closeup.


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  1. Mamito Kukwikila

    Sweet potato and greek yoghurt? Umm yes please!

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