Hollywood Hiking

Pretty cool, right?

Mamito, Lauren, Claire and I decided to go hiking in Griffith Park on a popular trail with great views of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory. By the way, I live in LA. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before on the blog. You’ve probably discerned that by now, though, given the picture of the Hollywood sign.

The morning started early, which was easy for me considering that I rarely sleep late. It just doesn’t really happen for me anymore! Anyway, I started the day out by making some AB & J sandwiches for all of us (my contribution to our picnic lunch) and getting dressed.

I fueled up for the hike with a green monster:

Into the mix went:

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 scoops vanilla hemp protein powder
  • big handful spinach
  • ~ 1/8 cup sliced strawberries
  • ~ 3/4 cup frozen diced mango
  • 1 packet stevia

It was a little too sweet (I’d just do half a packet of stevia next time) but still delicious!

Lauren showed up at 8:30 and she, Mamito and I headed over to the Farmer’s Market.

My pickings…

Green beans:

Bell peppers:

Pluots, yellow nectarines and white nectarines:


Rainer cherries:

I swear, this camera makes everything look so good.

Anyway, Claire met up with us after the FM and we headed to Griffith Park to hike.

See the Hollywood sign in the distance?

Once we made it halfway, we decided to act like total tourists and pose for cheesy pictures with the sign we’ve each seen a hundred times (my excuse: “Come on, guys, it’s for the blog!” Lauren says I have three weeks before that gets old).

Mamito and Lauren:

Claire and me:

Further up, we saw the Observatory in the distance:

At Dante’s Peak, Lauren photobombed a picture:

On the way back down, we enjoyed our picnic lunch!

As I mentioned, I brought the AB & J sandwiches. Well, actually, only mine was purely AB & J. My sandwich had TJ’s Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseed and 100% fruit cherry jam. On their sandwiches, I used the TJ’s AB but also used ingredients that were still in my cupboard and fridge that I can’t eat anymore. Their sandwiches included Skippy’s Natural Peanut Butter (it has sugar!) and blackberry jam. All of our sandwiches were on Ezekiel. I made some new fans of both the AB and the bread!

Mamito brought baby carrots:

Lauren brought pluots from the FM:

And Claire brought trail mix:

Since the cranberries in the trail mix were sweetened, Claire also brought cashews for me. Isn’t that sweet? (Ha – sweet. Get it? Never mind.)

I ended up eating half of my sandwich, a big handful of baby carrots and a delicious pluot. We all agreed that our lunch tasted even better because we’d worked for it.

After the hike, I headed to pick my computer up from the repair shop and ate the other half of my sandwich on the way. And yayyyy to the return of the computer!

Before I headed home, I picked up a very badly needed iced coffee from Starbucks.

Please excuse my post-hike…err… glow.

After an extremely refreshing shower and a few errands, I came home to snack on some snow peas and edamame hummus.

Oh, and I may or may not have also had one of the Oatmeal Carob Chip Cookies.

Although I completely crashed this evening, I still managed to pull together a – wait for it – Ten Minute Dinner!

Veggie Burger Scramble

All I had to do was…

Crumble up a veggie burger (I used a Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burger) and throw it in a pan with some cooking spray…

Whisk two eggs with some salt, pepper and parmesan & romano and throw that in the pan (sorry for the lack of flash)…

Dice up some tomatoes and avocado and throw them in the pan with the rest of the scramble for a few seconds…

Voila! You’re done. It’s incredible. I promise.

I also made another attempt at Heather‘s Protein Ice Cream and I’m happy to say it worked much better with her advice. I still need to work on it a bit, but this strawberry version with a few grain-sweetened chocolate chips (which still make me a little sick, by the way) thrown on top came much closer to success:

I ate about half… and all of the chocolate chips… and maybe a few more on the side.

Okay. It’s 9:00pm and I’m ready to call it a night. I have more big plans tomorrow and I can hardly keep my eyes open anymore. I am such an old lady.

I hope you’re all having great weekends! Any other big plans?



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4 responses to “Hollywood Hiking

  1. I’m usually in bed by 9 PM these days if not earlier if that makes you feel any better. 😉

    What a lovely day with friends. I hear there is great hiking in LA. I’ve never spent much time there besides a layover at LAX. Hope to get there someday!

    So happy your friends enjoyed their sandwiches. Love that Ezekiel bread, and yes, the protein ice-cream looked much better this round. Maybe even more ice next time?

  2. Heather, if you do ever come to LA, I’d love to show you, CD and the HEABlet around!

  3. Mamito Kukwikila

    I am most def going to try veggie burger scramble egg thing. Looks absolutely delicious!!!

    The AB, PB& J Sandwich was most probably the highlight of my day!!

  4. Mamito, I’m so excited that you’re going to try this. You’ll love it!

    And – I know – those sandwiches were simple but amazing.

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