The Happiest Place on Earth

Good thing I fueled up with those pancakes in the morning, because yesterday I went to DISNEYLAND!

I went with my friend Ryan, with whom I have visited Disneyland more times than I can count. You see, I used to have an annual pass. These days, however, I live further away and very rarely have time to go. I’d bought a 3-day pass when my friend Will visited from the east coast, so I took yesterday to use up a remaining day on the pass.

Ryan and I hit up all of our favorites, naturally.

Favorite rides I forgot to take pictures of: Indiana Jones Adventure and Big Thunder Mountain (loooove).

We also spontaneously went on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!

I loved Winnie the Pooh as a kid… and do you know what Winnie the Pooh loves?


Just like me. 🙂

We also saw a bunch of characters hanging out with the crowds and in the parade (which we only walked by)…

Fun sort-of-related KWH (that’s the abbreviation of Kaitlin With Honey, in case you didn’t catch that) tidbits: my mom used to call me Eeyore (apparently I moped as a kid) and I once played the Mad Hatter in a theatrical production of “Alice in Wonderland.” This was (oh, heck, still is) a great source of pride for me.

Anyway, so then I snacked on some of this:

Ha! Just kidding! I think that might just about kill me at this point.

Actually, I have to admit that finding something to eat at Disneyland was harder than I had anticipated. I knew enough to pack a couple of snacks, but I didn’t imagine it would be as difficult as it was to find a meal without sugar. Another lesson learned.

We first attempted a restaurant in Tomorrowland, which had this fairly healthy menu:

I thought I’d be able to find something there and had Ryan order first while I waited to speak with a chef. However, after a chat with said chef, I learned that every single item on the menu had sugar in it. So, while Ryan ate his food, I munched on the apple I’d brought with me.

About an hour later, I ended up settling on this meal at a small snack bar-type cafe in Downtown Disney:

The cashier promised me the chicken was not marinated and only had salt and pepper on it. That’s not totally true, as  the chicken was basically soaked in either butter or oil (so unnecessary). I didn’t eat the roll, as they didn’t have ingredients for it and the chances of it having sugar were far greater than it not having sugar. I was so hungry at that point that I didn’t really care that the meal was so low in nutrients and high in unnecessary fat. I was just glad it was (close to) sugar-free. Something I ate that day had me feeling slightly iffy, but I was fine for the most part.

After I finally ate (and leveled my blood sugar! I’m no fun when I’m hungry), we headed over to California Adventure.

That’s Ryan begrudgingly posing with the “R.” Ah, the things this blog gives me excuses to do…

We went on one of my all-time favorite rides, Soarin’:

We also went to check out the line for Tower of Terror (another favorite), but it was a little too long for my liking and I wanted to get back to LA before dinnertime.

Once in the car, I was starving again and snacked on this guy:

It was a new flavor to me and it was pretty good, but it’s definitely not my favorite.

Other than the food (which, in the context of the beautiful day, was really not a big deal), it was a magical Sunday!


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