Did you catch that?

“Thank Goodness It’s Coffee Bean Friday“… just in case you didn’t. 😉

Somehow, in my cooking-filled night last night, I still managed to prepare breakfast for this morning: overnight oats!

Why, hello, old friend. I’ve missed you.

It’s been a whole week since I’ve had overnight oats! Seriously, that’s some kind of record for me. There are weeks during which I eat it for breakfast every single day.

However, I have to admit that this morning’s showing was on the weaker side. I don’t know exactly what it was. Perhaps I was too light-handed on the cinnamon? The berries could  also have been better. Oh, well. It was still great. I mean, let’s be real here – it’s hard for overnight oats to completely fail.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to report that lunch was awesomely good.

The actual use of white beans (and a little more parmesan & romano) in the leftovers of last night’s White Bean, Green Bean & Potato Salad kicked it up to a “return to this recipe often” kind of status.

Also, served extra hot after being warmed in the microwave, today’s lunch serving was even better than the slightly lukewarm dinner serving I had last night. Big yum today. Biiiig yum.

On the side… another juicy & delicious nectarine from the Farmer’s Market.

I’m now fresh out of stone fruit and almost out of veggies… thank goodness there’s another FM tomorrow!

Speaking of “thank goodness” – like I said, TGICBF!

Nonfat latte with some Splenda.

I may or may not have also enjoyed a carrot cake cupcake

Yup. I love Fridays.

I’m seeing INCEPTION tonight! So excited. I’m also going out to dinner beforehand with some of the girls. Here’s hoping I can find something nutritious, delicious, and sugar-free. This will be my first sit-down-at-a-restaurant meal out since learning about my intolerance and figuring out how to deal with it appropriately.

Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “TGICBF

  1. I saw your comment about recreating the almond dessert I had without sugar and I had to click on your blog to see why on earth someone would do that … now I get it! Love your cupcakes!

  2. How exciting for me to see one of my favorite bloggers posting on my blog! And yes, without a sugar intolerance or aversion, I don’t know why anyone would want to mess with something that looks pretty perfect as-is.

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