Lazy Saturday

Happy weekend, everyone!

Today has been fantastically lazy. I slept until 10:00am, which is insanely late for me. I’m the girl who wakes up at 7:00am on weekends and considers it sleeping in. It was a late morning because it was a late night… due to a 10:15pm showing of Inception! I cannot recommend this movie enough. I tend to have trouble sitting through movies that last longer than two hours, but this was a movie that I genuinely enjoyed from beginning to end.

The gorgeous men in the film certainly didn’t hurt. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I think you and I have a really promising future together.

Eye candy aside, this movie was honestly a piece of cinematic brilliance and you should all see it.

Before the movie, some of the girls and I got together to drink a little wine and then go out to dinner. Great ideas in theory… but in practice, for me, not so much.

I got sick. 😦

I’m pretty sure it was the White Zinfandel that got me sick. After a little bit of research today, I discovered that some cheaper White Zins have added juice, which means added sugar. There is really no doubt that the “Two Buck Chuck” we drank last night can be considered a cheap wine!

Dinner, however, could also have been the culprit. You see, we went to a mall food court, which I pretty much knew was going to be a problem for me (processed, fast food = big no-no for this intolerance). I was lucky enough to find a wonderful girl working at a sandwich and salad shop who was willing to work with me to create an off-the-menu salad that, given our best guesses, wouldn’t have any sugar.

(Please excuse the iPhone photo.)

This salad included shredded iceberg lettuce (which I largely didn’t eat – it’s like air!), deli turkey, provolone, chickpeas, green peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. No dressing – that would just be asking for it! It wasn’t awesome or anything, but it did the job. I find it more likely that the wine made me sick than the salad, but I guess I won’t know for sure.

Anyway, I was better by this morning. After lazying about in bed for a little bit, I got up and threw on some clothes to meet Lauren at the Farmer’s Market. I threw a smoothie together before I left, but it was kind of a failure. Between an awful brown color and a lack of flavor, it was nothing to brag about and definitely nothing to take pictures of. I ate about half and then called it a day. I knew I’d be snacking on fruit samples at the Farmer’s Market.

My pickings:

Yellow peaches, white nectarines, pluots and yellow plums…

Broccoli and unpictured cauliflower…

Green, red and yellow bell peppers…


Pretzel rolls (I have exciting plans for these!)…

And three ears of white corn and a lone vine-ripened tomato…

I spent the remainder of the morning stopping at the library to pick Eat, Pray, Love up from the library and enjoying an iced coffee at Starbucks in order to escape the heat wave and begin said book. I am very much enjoying it so far.

My (very late) lunch was inspired by a few bloggers: Mama Pea with the original Crack Wrap, Heather Eats Almond Butter with her HEABified Crack Wrap, and Marianne from From French Fries to Flax Seeds with her open-faced bagel sandwich. Combined and slightly KWHified, I ended up with an Ezekiel wrap (warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften it enough to be malleable) topped with hummus, cucumber slices, and a slice of light cheddar.

I threw it in a pan and “grilled” it, letting each side brown for a couple of minutes and leaving it there until the cheese melted.

I wish I’d gotten a shot of how cheesy, gooey and melty this became, but sadly the pictures I took did not come out.

I then enjoyed the last two of the Oatmeal Carob Chip Cookies from the freezer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some no sugar added (hopefully) wine and romantic comedies (I see some (500) Days of Summer in my future) to get to this evening!


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2 responses to “Lazy Saturday

  1. Kaitlin, I’m inspired by your lifestyle changes and love your blog. I just started my own fitness blog a few months ago and will definitely but you in my blogroll as a favorite!

  2. Hey Suzanne – thanks for the comment! I checked out your blog and it seems great! You are so committed to fitness and that’s something I obviously respect and can relate to. 🙂

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