Change vs. Routine

I started today off by – get ready for this – changing up my overnight oats.

This never happens.

The thing is, a reader and long-time friend, Tara, went and played around with the recipe and said something intriguing – that she’d made chocolate-flavored overnight oats.

Well. I couldn’t not try it.

I know it’s a light tint, but those really are chocolate overnight oats. I wouldn’t lie to you.

I used the same recipe as usual, except that I took out the dash of cinnamon and replaced it with a teaspoon of cocoa.

I still added the regular ol’ nut granola, strawberries and blueberries, though. I mean, come on. You can’t expect me to change that much in one day.

I swear there’s cocoa in there. And I could definitely taste it.

It was good, and change is good too (so I hear), but I have to admit… I kind of prefer my go-to recipe.

My mom will tell you that I don’t like change. I once got really mad at her for painting the dining room.

No, seriously.

By the way, I should mention that lately I’ve returned to Splenda in my overnight oats instead of Stevia. It may not be as good for my body, but I just like the taste better in overnight oats. I figure I do a lot of healthy things for my body and that this one little indulgence won’t kill me.

Lunch today was soooooo good. It was a planned frozen veggie burger, so I had visions of a pretty so-so lunch, especially given my last two frozen veggie burger attempts.

There was that time I had to improvise when the BBQ was off-limits for me.

And then there was that time that I was so frustrated and hungry that I didn’t cook my burger all the way through.

Well. Let me just tell you… my previous efforts ain’t got nothin’ on today’s lunch.

I mean first of all, check out all of that color! For a meal that could be very brown, this is certainly a brightlycolored plate.

I am having a liiiittle too much fun with WordPress.

This regular gardenburger, which was served atop a mouth-watering toasted pretzel roll from this week’s Farmer’s Market, was smothered with one Laughing Cow Cheese and a packet of mustard. Added bonus: a piece of lettuce that a co-worker was nice enough to give me. The cheese and the extra-special roll totally made this burger.

Served alongside it were strips of red, yellow and green bell peppers. They were such a light and refreshing thing to have alongside a warm sandwich.


My last FM peach for over a week, since I’ll be out of town for this Saturday’s FM.

I keep forgetting to write about my workouts… probably because, for the most part, they’re always almost exactly the same.

Man, I really am routine-based. Now you all know.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are always 45 minutes of boot camp + cardio. Usually (especially lately, due to the almost-healed sprained ankle), that cardio is on the elliptical. Times vary but it’s generally between 40 minutes and 70 minutes (toward the latter only if I feel I need a little extra). Today was no exception. I did 45 minutes of boot camp + 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are always 45 minutes of strength training + 70 minutes of cardio (again, usually the elliptical).

Saturdays are usually rest days. Some Sundays are also rest days and other Sundays are run days.

However, things are about to change!

My first week of training for the 10K begins next week. I’m still figuring out my schedule but my current plan is to switch my M/W/F elliptical workouts to gradually increasing runs, having my long runs on Sundays, keeping Saturday as a rest day, and keeping my T/Th strength training but skipping the cardio after one of those days each week.

This is the first race I’m actually training for (the 5K didn’t really require much training, plus I had injured myself weeks before the actual race), so I could definitely use advice from more experienced runners – especially those who have trained for races. Thoughts? Advice? Comments? Things you’d change?



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5 responses to “Change vs. Routine

  1. Sounds like a great plan – running 3-4 days a week will certainly be enough to get you through a 10K. I like the Hal Higdon plans for a good, basic mileage build – you can see his beginner 10K plan here:

    That plan is only 2 days of running + a long run, but I think it’ll be a good starting point for you to base your schedule on. I would definitely make a schedule for this – it’ll help keep you on the right track. Since your ankle is still recovering, 2 days of running + long run + 1 day elliptical may not be a bad plan for you. You can always ease in that third weekday run as you see how your ankle is tolerating things.

    Good luck!

  2. Yay I got a shout out! I should point out that the cocoa wasn’t so much my idea as it was a part of the ground flaxseed that I bought (cocoa and berry flavoured), as the other flavours sounded too savoury for my liking (pistachio, sunflower seed, etc) but I do enjoy the cocoa better than plain flaxseed, as I have an insatiable sweet/chocolate tooth 🙂

  3. Hey girl! I am definitely not an expierenced runner (I just started training for my half Mary yesterday!!!). The only tip I have is not being afraid to take walk breaks. They are a life saver!! I am looking forward to following your training!

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