Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Well, my weekend is, at least! 😀

I’m blogging, as I oh-so-subtly hinted in the title, from the great state of Texas. More specifically, I’m outside of Austin and I couldn’t be happier. I’m here to visit my extended family, also known as some of my favorite people in the entire world.

But… first, let me back up to the plane ride, which now feels like it was days away even though it was less than 24 hours ago.

I spent the entire flight fielding the advances of a fourteen year-old boy who didn’t seem at all phased by the fact that I am a decade older than him. I’ve got to give him kudos, though, because you’ve got to have some guts to hit on a girl in her twenties when you’re a teenage boy.

Call me in ten years, kid. By then, I’m sure I’ll be thrilled to be hit on by someone that much younger than me.

Anyway, the ride was otherwise uneventful aside from some terrible turbulence that made me completely nauseated. This meant that I didn’t end up eating my lunch on the plane, but instead at it in the car after my grandparents picked me up.

Dinner was a fun affair because I got to learn some cooking tips and tricks from two of the pros (Grandma and Grandpa, that is) and because we were cooking a meal family-style. This was a nice change from my usual “cooking for one person” mentality .

We had Honey Dijon Chicken (recipe to follow in a later post), green beans with olive oil and parmesan, and white rice with butter, salt & pepper.

The chicken was incredible. Make it. Immediately.

We followed dinner with a lovely fruit salad for dessert made of strawberries, blueberries, peaches and bananas.

My grandparents have been so thoughtful and careful about making sure that there is food for me to eat while I’m here. Tthe fruit salad dessert is a change; my grandmother is the best baker I know (other than my mom, of course… Mom) and we would usually be enjoying some out-of-this-world pie or cake for dessert.

Anyway, I also got to see my favorite kids in the WORLD! After dinner, I went over to my Aunt Andrea and Uncle Rich’s house to play in their pool with their four of their five kids.

I didn’t manage to get a good picture of Juliana in the pool (focus is hard when the kids are running around!, but that’s her on the right up there.



Her twin, Amelia (who, by the way, looks SO MUCH like I looked at her age):

The pool was a lot of fun until I very quickly realized that kicking in water is not at all compatible with a healing sprained ankle. I stopped swimming right away, as worsening this injury is the absolute last thing I want to do.

After swimming, the kiddies and I went upstairs to play a (hilarious) Wii game called “Just Dance.” I am not sure I have ever laughed as hard as I did while watching them play this game. I hope they never lose their wonderful lacks of inhibitions when it comes to letting loose like this.

I got a little bit sick last night, which came as a surprise to me because I triple-checked every ingredient list, or so I thought. I got sick shortly after doing some evening snacking on tortilla chips and hummus, but I am 100% sure that the ingredient lists included nothing taboo for me. I don’t know what did it, but I’m better this morning and I’m just going to move on.

See you after today’s adventures!



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4 responses to “Everything’s Bigger in Texas

  1. Tara

    Aww fun! She totally does look just like you when we were little! So cute! Also they all look very much like the rest of your family. William’s looks a little like Daniel, and I think Grace (in the last picture?) looks a lot like Sam. 🙂 have fun in Texassss! ❤

    • I agree with you on most fronts – especially that Grace looks like Sam!! I actually asked my mom to send me two specific pictures (one of me and one of Sam) that I think completely show off the similarities between the twins and my sister and me! As for William, though, I have to disagree – I think, more than showing any resemblance to Daniel, he looks like he could be my son! If only… Andrea is one lucky mom, with those kids.

  2. How I do miss Texas….sigh….thanks for sharing all those great pics with us!

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