Fact: when I am even mildly sick, I am a huge wimp. I get it from my dad (sorry, Dad). My mom, however, is like a superhero when it comes to illnesses. If only I had picked that up from her…

I think I have a cold. It’s not even a bad cold (yet), and the symptoms haven’t even all hit me yet. I am pouting, however, because I feel tired, run down and anxious in the anticipation of bad symptoms. I swear, half of my symptoms whenever I’m sick are brought on through a psychosomatic process.

I am sipping orange tea with honey in it as I write. But it’s tea that I made myself in the office kitchen. Would that I could be home (by which I mean my childhood home), where I could bask in sickness sympathy and be sipping on tea that my mom had prepared for me. I mean, doesn’t that kind of tea have better cold-fighting powers? I’m sure it does. It must. It certainly tastes like a cure.

I miss you, Mom. You know, selfishly. Unselfishly, too, though. 😉

When I’m sick, I tend to head automatically for starchy carbs, even though I know, on an intelligent rather than instinctual level that fruits and veggies will actually make me feel better. Thankfully, I had prepared a lunch that packed a happy medium.

If you look closely (or at the next picture), you’ll see that yes, that savory spread of hummus, cheddar and cucumber slices is, in fact, atop two slices of Cinnamon Raisin Bread. Ezekiel, to be precise. This sandwich was actually inspired by a friend from college (who I haven’t spoken to in years), Andy. I remember that sandwich, I believe, precisely. He taught me to use provolone, hummus, cucumber and tomato on regular cinnamon raisin bread. I thought it was crazy until I tried it. Years later, I’ve just KWHified it slightly.

It was really good and hit the spot. The carrots and sugar snap peas on the side were just as yummy.

I followed all of this with a not-ripe-enough-yet peach. Bummer. I still ate it, though.

My carbohydrate desire didn’t completely disappear. I definitely snacked on some (not sugar-free) Wheat Thins that were in the kitchen. Considering that I’d already consumed an emergen-c, I just decided to keep on being stupid.

Feel free to roll your eyes at me. I’ve done it a few times, since my stomach hurts.

At snack time, I figured I’d hope for truth in that whole “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” mentality, so I sliced up an apple and served it with some Barney’s Almond Butter.

I think I see another OOIAJ in my future…

I’m definitely going to bed early and skipping the gym tomorrow morning. Maybe I can just sleep this away? Thank goodness I’ve planned for an easy ten-minute dinner.



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4 responses to “Wimp

  1. Claire

    I totally understand the pity party. I call my Mom at the slightest hint of a bug. I think sleep will help so much. Of course sleep AND yummy sugar free nutrition will help you. Good luck.

  2. Will

    Long live the Harris creations!

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