Taboo Eats

First up, I want to invite you all to check out The Fitnessista – it’s one of my all-time favorite blogs, a constant source of inspiration for me, and a site that I think you would all genuinely enjoy. She’s also hoping to beat a record number of readers, so check her out by tomorrow night at midnight and you’ll be helping a fellow blogger out!

Speaking of being a blogger, I have to give a little shout-out to all of the awesome readers who have been sending me emails with questions about my intolerance, etc. So many of you are trying to figure out your own relationships with sugar and I love that! It makes my day when I hear from you – and I’d love to hear from more of you!

I faded fast at the office. The energy I felt this morning and the effects of DayQuil  quickly left me, and I’ve been sitting at my desk dreaming of my bed. I’ve been keeping myself going with (sugar TABOO) Goldfish and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dreams.” Feel free to judge me. I’ve been judging myself all afternoon.

Not all eats were unhealthy, though! Lunchtime brought the last of my Easy, Almost-Homemade Chicken Soup, covered again in lots of parmesan & romano.

This was the first time I could really actually taste the soup, and I have to say… I did a pretty darn good job. Yum.

I followed lunch with a pretty lackluster plum. I would have trashed it (as I did the apple I tried to eat this morning), but I didn’t have any other fruit to consume instead, and I’d rather have lame fruit than no fruit at all.

Why, oh why, am I still listening to “Teenage Dream?” Somebody stop me!

Even though dairy is not usually recommended for someone with a cold, I thought I just couldn’t help myself. It was Coffee Bean Friday and, darn it, I wanted a latte. I can’t have the soy milk they serve anymore due to my intolerance, so I just went ahead and ordered a nonfat latte.

(Hey, look! My name is spelled correctly!)

However, after a few sips I realized that I just wasn’t really into it. The dairy didn’t really feel right and I ended up trashing it. 😦 I may have wasted some over-priced coffee, but at least I listened to my body.

Instead, I headed to the kitchen when I remembered that I had a tiny tupperware container full of hummus still there from an uneaten snack from earlier in the week. I paired that with some baby carrots in the office fridge (open to everyone!).

I also had a date on the side for something sweet.

… I may or may not have also had a few (also taboo) Wheat Thins on the side.

What is wrong with me?!

This has not been my finest week of eating, either in terms of properly nourishing my body or in being creative, but, well, I traveled last weekend and came home to immediately end up sick. I promise I’ll be back to super-healthy and exciting food next week.

Oof. That was kind of a lot for snack, and I’m totally full now.

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to going home and going to bed. Maybe I’ll get another 12 hours in tonight. I will, sadly, be missing a goodbye celebration for one of my favorite co-workers, whose last day was today.

We’ll miss you, Roberto!

Just ignore the fact that Lauren is pointing the scissors at you…


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