My Friends Can Cook!

In the theme of my “enjoying my own company” weekend, I didn’t have any plans last night. I was simply planning on hanging out at home and doing some reading.

That is, until Lauren called me. An invitation to play Rock Band and drink beer? I’m there, no questions asked.

We did end up drinking beer, but we didn’t play any Rock Band.

Instead, I was invited to partake in an AMAZING dinner. Lauren and her boyfriend Gabriel (who happens to have be a chef!) are great cooks, and all I had to do was sit back, watch the cooks at work and chat with another friend, Riley.

Now that’s my kind of Sunday evening.

I don’t know exactly how all of this dinner was made. I don’t have recipes for you (though I do have pictures for you to salivate over). All I know is that I ate and enjoyed. I also know that everything except for the tortillas were made from scratch and that my wonderful friends made sure everything was sugar-free.

Here’s Gabriel roasting some peppers for the homemade salsa verde:

So cool, right? I was worried about him burning himself, but he didn’t seem concerned in the least.

Tortillas were heated the same way:

There was also grilled corn:

And flank steak:

Oh, and some to-die-for healthy “refried” black beans:

My plate:

There’s some homemade Pico de Gallo on there, too. After the picture, I also added some homemade salsa verde.

So good. So, so good. My mouth is watering just from thinking about this meal.


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