Honeydew Bowl

I am so excited for the evening I have planned. Sedi, Mamito and I will be going out to dinner (sushi for them, but not for me) and then hitting a movie theater to see Charlie St. Cloud.

I am always so sure that I’m not at all attracted to Zac Efron… until he takes off his shirt. Then, suddenly, I start questioning my own sanity. We’ll see if tonight proves any differently. I doubt it.

Breakfast this morning was super yummy, fresh, and new to me (but again inspired by Meghann from this post!).

I sliced a honeydew melon in half, scooped the seeds out of one of the halves, and filled it with about 2/3 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt, one packet of stevia, and some of my nut granola.

It was fun to scoop the melon out as I ate! This was wonderful and kept me full for hours. And it had so much flavor! I will definitely be doing this again.

When lunchtime did eventually come around, though, I was pretty hungry. Unfortunately, my lunch (leftover Summer Quinoa) just did not satisfy me the way it did last night! Maybe it was because it was served cold, or maybe it’s because I’m always hungrier at lunch than I am at dinner… but this was just not enough food for me today.


It’s also much better warm. I’ll remember that for when I have the rest of the leftovers.

The quinoa was immediately followed by a plum so juicy that it was lucky I had that paper towel with me. Otherwise, my outfit would have been ruined!

Still, though, I felt pretty unsatisfied. Not long after, I snacked on some pistachios.

Those pictured (x) about 3. I forgot to take a picture until I’d already made a good dent in them.

A few hours later (around 5), I dug into a snack I was pretty excited about. They’re like Ants on a Log, but not.

I shall call them…

Ants on a Boat

…can you handle my originality?

I started with ten half-stalk sticks of celery, two Original Light Laughing Cow cheeses and a handful of unsweetened raisins.

and I turned all of that into these!

In other news, I really do think I need to stop using the Greens & Whey in my smoothies. 😦 I don’t feel sick yet today and removing it from my breakfast was the big change to test my theory that it was making me sick. I’ll have to see how I feel at the end of the day today, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Of course, going out to dinner can (and probably will) still throw my system off. I’m learning just how hard going out for meals is going to be for me, with this intolerance. I called the restaurant ahead of time and, according to the chef, there seems to literally only be ONE THING on the menu that I can have – and that’s only if I order it without the sauce! Sheesh.

I’ve had kind of a stupid day. I think I’ll order a drink with dinner tonight.

10K Training Day Two

5 minutes elliptical

45 minutes strength training

65 minutes elliptical (60 min @ high intensity, 5 min cooldown)


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