My Mom is Funny

Moments after I posted that post featuring Zac Efron, my mom IMed me the following:

Mom: are you serious?

Mom: he’s mine

My mother is hilarious.

Lunch today was awesome. I had the same Summer Quinoa I made two nights ago and had for lunch yesterday, but today I added 1/4 cup of marinara sauce and the remains of an almost-finished container of parmesan & romano (which you guys know I use on everything). I also heated it this time. These additions completely changed the meal and it was so unbelievably good.

That delicious blob of white you can see at the top is all of the extra parmesan & romano, melted together… and I ate it all in one bite (the last, of course). Does anything beat melted cheese? I think not.

I also had another delectably juicy yellow nectarine with lunch…

…which made Lauren a little bit jealous. Sorry, Lauren!

I was really looking forward to snack today, which was nothing special but exactly what I was craving: a pink lady apple with almond butter.

I am officially prepared for OOIAJ! 😀


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