New Shoes

Remember how I bought four pairs of shoes over the weekend?

I’m wearing a new pair today. I really do love them.

(I’m only showing you one foot because the too-old pedicure is even uglier on the other foot.)

New shoes hurt. I thought these were perfect (and, gosh darn it, they will be), but they’re pinching at the back just a little bit right now. Thankfully, a lovely co-worker, Sanna, saw my pain and came to the rescue. She brought me these:

These things work like a dream! They don’t come off from the rubbing of the shoes when you walk, they protect your heels from the pain and they allow you to break in your shoes. Who needs moleskin?

Apparently I have a piece of string to remove from my shoes.

Anyway, now that I have completely ruined your appetite (sorry, Sam) by sharing pictures of a calloused and anciently pedicured foot (I am training for a race, after all!)… let’s get to the food! 😀

Last night, I made a version of my White Bean, Green Bean & Potato Salad. I say “a version” because, upon arriving home, I realized that I was out of white beans – a pretty key ingredient! I swear, this salad and I can never get it together when it comes to the white beans. 😉

I just used pinto beans instead. Worked like a charm!

A few other changes…

  • I wanted to make three servings instead of two, so I added 50% more of everything. Actually, I used a little more than 50% of some things. I decided last time that a little extra olive oil and apple cider vinegar would be nice, so this time I did a full tablespoon of each. This change definitely improved the quality of the salad.
  • I used fingerling potatoes instead of a microwaveable russett, and I liked them a lot better. I boiled them for about 12 minutes (actually, I boiled them for 15, but I wish I’d done only 12… so that’s what I’m telling you to do).
  • I accidentally added too much parmesan & romano. And by “too much,” I mean more than was necessary but not more than I would actually want, all the time. I mean… can you really ever have too much parmesan & romano?
  • I upped the ratio of green beans: potatoes. It’s better to have more green in there.

Anyway, it was great! This salad is satisfying and so, so yummy.

I kept the other two servings for leftover lunches. I won’t have time tonight to prepare a lunch for tomorrow – it’s all about planning ahead!

My dessert was an eclectic combination of Shredded Oats (that’s ignoring the multiple handfuls I consumed while cooking dinner… whoops!), carob chips (I go through bags of these wayyyy too quickly) and frozen mango.

It was weird, but it totally hit the spot. And, somehow, the mango satisfied the craving I’d been having for wine. I knew I’d be drinking tonight and didn’t want to drink two nights in a row during the work week!

Anyway, I’ll be back later with oh-so-much more to share, but right now I think my stomach is about to eat itself. Off to lunch!


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One response to “New Shoes

  1. Jenni

    I’ve been eating black olives, grilled chicken and . . .well last week it was with grape tomatoes and this week its with red peppers and i add some shredded cheddar cheese (which i realize is not the healthiest of combos but its an improvement on what I’ve had in the past)

    Your bean salad looks tasty. . . think I will try it next week.

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