CB Friday Fail

I’ve been having an issue with my Coffee Bean Friday today. At first, I just couldn’t decide between a hot or an iced nonfat latte (since, let’s be honest, that’s the only choice I really get here). Eventually, though, I realized that my real problem is just that I just don’t love CB nonfat lattes. I like soy lattes. And I like Starbucks better (oh well, I’ve said it now and I can’t take it back). Most importantly, though, I’m in rare form with a bit of a sweet tooth today and I really just want a flavored latte. Doesn’t a soy hazelnut latte sound good?


So, I IMed Lauren about my ridiculously stressful (yes, I’m being – mostly – sarcastic), and her response made me laugh… so I’m sharing it.

Kaitlin: I am really just having an issue with not really wanting my drink.

Kaitlin: I want something sweet and fun!

Lauren: I’m sweet and fun…

Anyway, here’s what I ended up with…

But again, I ended up not really drinking it. I drank about half and just called it a day. I should probably stop ordering drinks I don’t want. What a waste!

Speaking of ordering things, I couldn’t resist ordering lunch today… even though I had brought leftover (Pinto) Bean, Green Bean & Potato Salad for lunch. When I heard the office was ordering Doughboys for lunch, I first tried to ignore my ache for a caprese sandwich and then decided I’d be a much happier camper if I just gave in.

…So I did.

I called ahead to ask if there was sugar in the french baguette that the sandwich is normally made with, or in their pesto. There isn’t any sugar in the pesto, but there does appear to be some in the french baguette. That’s why it’s good to ask! Anyway, I ordered it on their sugarless wheat bread instead… and let me tell you. Happiest intolerance substitution EVER. This bread was so doughy and delicious. I could eat it forever and ever.

And, because it’s what’s inside that counts…

Soooo amazingly delicous!

However, and I don’t know if you can tell in this picture, that sandwich was HUGE. Half didn’t quite satisfy me, though, and I wanted to save the other half for lunch tomorrow, so I ate a few pretzels and a half a piece of cheddar cheese with lunch.

…with, of course, my daily piece of fruit. Today’s was a nectarine which, sadly, was not ripe enough. šŸ˜¦

Anyway, it turns out that it totally didn’t matter that I wasn’t into my latte, because Lauren surprised me with a day-late Fruit Salad Thursday (making it, of course, a Fruit Salad Friday). She was out sick yesterday, so we weren’t able to do it in a timely fashion.

My late afternoon snack:

Lauren actually brought a variety of fruit; along with the mango and strawberries, she also had peaches, a pluot and blueberries. I, however, was really just feeling the mango and strawberry combo.

I feel like I have been eating all day… and I am soooo not done. I’m going to Lauren’s (and will definitely be indulging in a glass of wine… or two) and to a birthday party tonight.

I swear, I’m just too popular for my own good. šŸ˜‰

I have such a jam-packed weekend ahead of me! One hour and thirteen minutes to go…


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