Lobster Dinner

Last night was beautiful.

I mean, first up, check out my gorgeous family (except for my sister, who was still getting ready during picture-taking after only just getting home from work).

My “little” (he’s 6’4″) brother, Daniel, and Dad (who made Daniel go down a step, haha):

Aren’t they handsome?

Daniel and our gorgeous mother (who didn’t exactly look at the camera):


My family went out for dinner last night to a Lobster Night. It was served buffet style and was insanely good (and fun!).

The night started with a bucket of clams and mussels.

I had one clam (not for me) and two mussels (I liked them better, but this kind of food is simply not my thing).

I had two really nice glasses of Sauvingnon Blanc (my favorite) throughout the night.

Next, we hit the salad buffet.

My plate:

That shrimp was awesome.

Finally, it was time for the main course and the main event: lobster!

Side dishes included roasted potatoes & carrots (so good), rice & beans, and vegetables (which were a little too soaked in oil for my taste but were still good).

There were also lots of other options, such as a roasted beef something-or-other, chicken, sausage, etc… but I didn’t mess around with that stuff. I knew what I was there for.

The lobstah!

It was delish.

My whole plate:

Ok. Here’s for the surprising part.

I had dessert.

Real dessert, with sugar.

I figured that since I hadn’t known the ingredients of anything else and might get sick anyway, it was as good a time as any to try dessert. I also kind of wanted to test the limits of my intolerance.

So, I went for it. I took little, roughly 1/3 piece slivers of the strawberry shortcake, the key lime pie and the fruit tart.

The fruit tart was good, but nothing special. I still ate all of it, but really, there were only about three bites there. The strawberry shortcake wasn’t worth the bite I took of it. Way too sweet. It tasted like a puff of sugar. I didn’t touch it again after the first bite. The key lime pie, though was awesome, and I practically licked the plate clean.

I can’t even really say I regretted it that much, even when I got sick (but no where near as sick as I thought I’d get) about two hours later. I guess I just decided to live a little. It’s an intolerance, not an allergy, so I wasn’t really hurting myself or putting myself in any kind of danger. I was just putting myself through a little pain that I often feel accidentally as the result of mistakes, anyway!

Anyway, I ate a lot of food last night and definitely over-indulged, but it’s fun to do that every once in a while. It’s all about moderation and getting back on the bandwagon at the very next meal!

It was a wonderful night.



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2 responses to “Lobster Dinner

  1. Will

    Finally, some classic east coast cuisine! Love it!

  2. whitney

    love the beautiful photos of the family and food! you are so awesome and i love your blog! made me home and food-sick for new canaan!!! xoxo

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