Things I Learned During An Afternoon Run

1. I am not built for afternoon runs.

2. I do not like running after eating or drinking anything but water.

3. Connecticut is hillier than California (at least, my part of California).

4. Humidity sucks.

5. When you’re running in the hot afternoon sun, after drinking dehydrating coffee, on hills and in humidity, you need more water than you do without these factors.

6. I am officially way more kick-ass than my high school self.

This was not an easy run, but I am really proud that I did it. I came really close to giving up within the first half-mile, but I had this moment during which I thought, “Come on! Show your high school self what you’re made of!” and there was no turning back from that.

It got a lot easier after that first half-mile, which was all uphill – something you don’t really notice until you’re running it! I had previously had this idea that my road was flat. I was glad I did keep going because I fell into a rhythm and a “zone” from about 0.5-1.5 miles. However, I’d be lying if I told you that 1.5-2.5 wasn’t rough. Thank goodness the final half-mile was all downhill.

I got through it by thinking, “Pool! Water! Pool! Water!” over and over in my head like a mantra.

I came home, chugged water, stretched, took some pictures…

(I was so tired, I could hardly hold a smile)

(I was trying to show you the sweat, but you can’t see it at all. Your loss, obviously…)

… and jumped the heck in the pool!

Oh, I also had a snack. Grapes, Dr. Krackers & a little cheddar cheese. Perfect post-run, mid-summer, I’m-home-and-on-vacation snack.

10K Training Day Ten

2.5 mile run @ 12-min/ mile pace, totaling 30 min

2 minute cool down walk

I know, I know, the cool down should have been longer… but I really just wanted to get in that pool!


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