Major Changes: A New Chapter

So. Yesterday was… a whirlwind. I have a bit of an announcement.

At an appointment yesterday morning with a family doctor whom I have long known and trusted, I learned that I am not likely sugar-intolerant. Despite a previous diagnosis by a doctor in CA, my doctor in CT believes that I have something else altogether.

I’m not going to go into details, but my doctor is focusing on a different – and thankfully very curable – diagnosis. Nothing is definitive yet, but we both believe that this is the actual reason for my discomfort.

The reason the previously apparent sugar intolerance was so easy to believe is that quite a few of the “trigger foods” that would make me feel ill were ingredients that are often combined with sugar.

Anyway, I don’t think this is actually going to influence the blog all that much. I’ve learned a lot from cutting sugar out of my diet, and I would like to continue living a low-sugar lifestyle. It just won’t be absolute. I feel much better throughout the day when I’m not consuming a lot of sugar, so I’m not looking to consume a diet full of unnecessary sugar.

However, this news also comes with a lot of relief. It gets pretty stressful to have to read labels on every single food item and to have to ask every restaurant if there is sugar in any part of a meal I’m ordering.

From now on, I’m simply going to focus on a healthy and active lifestyle filled with good, whole foods and progressing fitness goals.

I will still be experimenting with ways to cut or altogether remove sugar from my cooking and baking, though not every recipe will center upon that concept.  I will, however, always KWHify. KWHifying will just now focus more on the “making it healthy” aspect more than that of “making it sugar-free.”

That doesn’t sound like much of a stray from the norm, right? I’d like to think this simply means I’ll be broadening my reader base a little bit.

Please feel free to leave comments or send me emails with any questions. Otherwise, here’s to a new chapter in KWH!



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2 responses to “Major Changes: A New Chapter

  1. Claire

    Wow – that is amazing news! I hope all of your health questions are answered soon. Silly complex human body. In the mean time (continue to) have a wonderful time with your family. I wait with anticipation ANYTHING you choose to blog about. Miss you out here in Cali. xoxo

  2. Maya

    This must be such a relief for you! I have been trying to avoid all sugars, besides the occasional apple or apricot, as well as basically all other food… I am on an anti-inflammatory diet in an effort to relieve constant intestinal problems. I don’t have it bad, luckily, but I know what it’s like to fear the sugar-centric cooking style. I am hoping to “cure” most of my problems with food through this, but I am not expecting that all foods will be accessible even on the other side. How did your doctor determine if you had a sugar intolerance?

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