Now that I’m no longer forced to be sugar-free (yay!), I need a new tag line. “Living life sugar-free” just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I want to know what you guys think the tag line should be!

To that end, I’m hosting a contest. Please leave a comment with your submission of a new tag line for Kaitlin With Honey, using key words that you think describe the theme of the blog.

While I won’t necessarily use one of the suggestions as my new tag line, I am certainly hoping to. If I do end up choosing one of the submissions to use as my tag line, I will announce the person behind the submission as the winner. Should I not find one I wish to use, I will use an automatic number generator.

Either way, there will be a winner! The prize is very KWH-appropriate. Once the winner has been chosen, I’ll ask the winner to let me know what his or her favorite kind of cookie is. I’ll then KWH-ify a recipe for that kind of cookie, bake a dozen of these cookies with my KWH-ified recipe, and send the batch to the winner.

Sound like a deal?

The contest period will end on Thursday, August 19 at noon PST and I’ll announce the winner later that day.

By the way – by submitting a tag line suggestion, you are giving me ownership of the tag line and you will in no way, shape or form have any rights to my blog or its contents.



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15 responses to “Contest

  1. Will

    Wholesome Living. Healthy Loving.

  2. Amanda

    Living the Sweet Life

  3. Sam with Splenda :)

    You Are What You Eat

  4. The Swedish Chef

    Heelthy ieteeng mede-a iesy.

  5. Will

    A Kaitlin A Day Keeps the Fat Cells Away

  6. Will

    Real Food. Real Simple.

  7. Diana

    The (naturally) sweet life of Kaitlin

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  9. Health, Hope & Happiness

  10. Last one!

    Good health and good sense.

  11. Jamie

    I don’t have a suggestion myself but I wanted to give props to “Morsels & Musings.” I love the word “morsel.”

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