Funny story about last night’s dinner.

Yes, that’s the best picture I have of this dinner. Why? Allow me to back up.

I think my oven is broken.

That is clearly the only explanation for the fact that not just one, but TWO of our fire alarms went off last night while I was cooking dinner. In the oven. With absolutely nothing burning.

I set the oven to broil, per the instructions on the Trader Joe’s frozen chicken kebobs (I can’t remember the exact name, nor did I take a picture. Don’t worry about it, because they really weren’t all that good.). I put the chicken kebobs – with tin foil on the edges of the stick and everything (also per the instructions) – in the oven alongside some frozen okra (tossed with 1/4 tsp olive oil, salt & pepper).

After eight minutes, I flipped everything.

After ten minutes, the first fire alarm went off. This was no big deal. That fire alarm goes off half the time we cook anything on the stove. I ran upstairs, fanned the alarm as I oft do, and came back downstairs.

After sixteen(ish) minutes, right after I’d taken my dinner out of the oven, the fire alarm went off again. So I ran upstairs and started to fan.

And then the other fire alarm went off. And let me tell you something. That second fire alarm? That one is LOUD.

It took Mamito, Sedi and I to take care of this situation… and it took a few minutes. I think my ear drums are still suffering.

Nothing burned! There was no smoke! I have absolutely no idea what happened.

So yea, by the time I went downstairs to eat my (lukewarm and totally NOT burned) dinner, I didn’t feel much like taking pictures. That’s okay, though… I’m not sure how much more appetizing I could have made that dinner look.

(Oh, by the way, that’s the agave-sweetened ketchup again. I am a fan.)


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