We Have a Winner!

Anyone notice any big changes?

We have a winner! The new tagline for KWH 2.0 is “…Life is sweet.” I hope you all like it. I feel it encompasses many aspects of this blog and seems very fitting.

Thank you to all who submitted! Amusingly enough, the winner was… my sister. Congratulations, Sam! Next time, I need more of you to enter so I don’t have to bake for a relative. 😉

Anyway, last night’s dinner involved the re-introduction of some of my favorite frozen foods into my diet. While I like to use fresh produce whenever possible, I’m a like to keep certain frozen products around for when I’m pressed for time or really just don’t feel like putting in the work to prepare anything. It helps me to eat healthy even when it would otherwise be all too easy to make excuses.

Last night was one of those nights during which I just didn’t have the energy to expend upon making dinner. As such, I scrambled some eggs with salt, pepper, pamesan & romano and threw some frozen vegetables in the microwave.

I’m a big fan of this stuff. I especially love the potatoes in these, as when mixed with scrambled eggs, they are reminiscent of hash browns. Green Giant also has a bunch of other vegetable medleys. This one is about 100 calories, full of veggies, easy and full of flavor. Just what I needed last night.

All I had to do was scramble the eggs, throw them on top of the vegetables, and squirt some ketchup on top. I ended up with this yummy, nutrient-packed, and effortless concoction:

It’s no culinary masterpiece, but it hit the spot.

Then came something I was really happy to bring back into my life: Skinny Cow cones!

While I can’t rave about the ingredient list, I do love being able to treat myself at the end of the day with a dessert that feels decadent but won’t undo my hard work at the gym.

Oh, and the best part is the chocolate surprise at the bottom of every cone. 🙂


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  1. Lauren Hoban

    This is life changing. That Green Giant Vegetable Medley is one of my favorite quick meals, as it scrambled eggs. I can’t believe I have never thought of combining them! I might just go home and do it tonight, I’m so excited about it! I think I’m going to steam the veggies and throw them in with the eggs while they are cooking to crisp the taters up a bit. I’ll let you know how it goes! THANK YOU!!!

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