I’ve spent the last few days in something of a haze. Most of my food has been so-so (ever since those amazing Vietnamese tofu tacos…) and I’ve felt a little checked out. I know that happens to most of us every so often, but I don’t like feeling so detached.

We had another food truck at the office yesterday again (a new trend!), but it was a pretty unhealthy truck and I didn’t want to partake. The entire office smelled of the burgers and fries but I was, at first, content with what I thought would be an amazing salad…

Looks good, right? It probably would have been, too, except for that the mozzarella had gone bad. 😦

Without any other options, I had to just remove the cheese and have the salad without.

See the disarray around the peach? Yea, that’s pretty indicative of my day.

Thankfully, it was Coffee Bean Friday!

I decided to attempt to fix my funk with chocolate, so I ordered a No Sugar Added Soy Mocha Latte. It hit the spot. 🙂

The other attempt at fixing my funk involved Lauren, Rock Band, and the following:

The cookies weren’t entirely successful – our half-assed attempt at KWH-ifying the Tollhouse cookie recipe involved Splenda/sugar blends and light butter. It made the cookies spread inside the oven and puff up outside of it. Not how I think chocolate chip cookies should be!

That doesn’t mean I didn’t overindulge anyway. 😉

Anyway, today is a new day. Off for a busy one!


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