Welcome, New Readers!

Whoa! I came into work this morning to find that KWH all of a sudden has a crazy number of hits, thanks to Skinny Runner! What timing, too… just as I’ve been slacking on the blog. Whoops! Anyway, I’m usually much better about it. I promise. 😉

Welcome, new readers. And thank you, Sarah!

I don’t have a ton to show you from my weekend. I spent basically all of Saturday at a party with new people, so I didn’t totally feel like breaking out the camera and taking a bunch of pictures (especially of food) and having to explain the blog.

…And then, I spent all of Sunday recuperating from Saturday’s festivities. I didn’t get home until after 5:00am on Sunday, so… let’s just say I wasn’t in top form yesterday.

Thus, I’ll just bring you the photographed highlights of my weekend.

I have to say, Saturday’s party was pretty awesome. I really can’t complain about spending a good chunk of my weekend at a beautiful house with perfect weather and great new people. I made a bunch of cool friends and really enjoyed myself.

There was also an incredible food spread at this party. This is really only about half of it:

From that, I was able to put together this lovely plate for a snack on Saturday afternoon:

Don’t let that fool you, though. Sadly, that was the healthiest part of my whole weekend. I ended up spending the remainder of Saturday drinking far too many beers and eating normal outdoor BBQ foods (you know, like chips and a cheeseburger). Don’t you worry, I paid for it on Sunday.

When I overindulge like that, however, I don’t dwell on it. You just have to pick up and move on with the next meal or the next day, or whatever works for you. I can’t say I was great about doing that yesterday, though, because in my hangover state, I only wanted carbs. I had a bowl of cereal with blueberries for breakfast (Shredded Oats, obviously) and later went out to get pizza for lunch. I ate half of this personal pizza (which is definitely more than enough for two meals):

That’s zpizza‘s Morroccan pizza, which has some combination of pesto, mozzarella, feta, pine nuts, and eggplant. Like I said, my weekend wasn’t the healthiest. 😉

That kept me full for the rest of the day and I ended up making a light-ish dinner of another hangover favorite: eggs. I scrambled two, mixed them with a little shredded cheddar, and threw it into an ezekiel tortilla.

Today is a new day, friends. You can expect a return to normalcy from now on.

Anyway, I want to zoom in on one of the items from my Saturday afternoon snack plate because I need your help in some veggie (fruit?) identification.

Does anyone know what that is? It had a yellow skin. It tasted like a kind of cucumber, maybe?

10K Training Days 20 & 21

Rest Days.

I wish I hadn’t made Saturday a rest day, as my Sunday became one by default. I seem to have pulled my hip flexor. Here’s hoping for a short recovery, as I’ve already missed yesterday’s long run (which was supposed to be 4 miles) and I don’t want to miss out on too much training. However, it’s more important not to further injure myself out of stupidity and stubbornness than it is to stick to my training schedule, so I’m sitting it out for as long as I have to.



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4 responses to “Welcome, New Readers!

  1. Hey Kaitlin,

    That mystery veggie is probably a lemon cucumber. I’ve never seen it sold in grocery stores (i haven’t really looked either) but I usually get them at farmer’s markets or people’s backyards.


  2. Will

    Z pizza. (smiles)

    That’s all.

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