Nostalgia: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I am feeling really nostalgic these days.

This feeling has been intensified by this song that I was introduced to yesterday and which I have pretty much been listening to, on repeat, since (you know, on and off with “Teenage Dreams…”).

This song just feels like nostalgia to me. I can’t describe it.

I mentioned the other day that I went through all of my old facebook photos and ended up untagging a good deal of them. While I was getting rid of them, in a sense, I also enjoyed being reminded of how many amazing people I have in my life and how fortunate I am to have had such wonderful experiences. Facebook only goes so far back in my life, but my trip down memory lane included half of college, my semester abroad in London (which, of course, included many mini-trips throughout Europe), my years in grad school, my first year being a “real adult,” and all of the incredible people I’ve met along the way.

Some highlights…

Studying abroad in London:

The three of us were inseparable when we were abroad. That’s Dana, Nicole (who just got engaged!!! Congrats, Nicole!), and me back in… 2005? Eesh. When did I get old?

Camp Snatch:

That’s (part of) Katri with an overly-tanned Will (my best friend, living currently across the country from me in NY 😦 )

And that’s Michelle, in a picture that almost too-perfectly represents who she is.


I was in an a cappella group in college… and I cannot even express how formative that experience was for me. This picture is from my favorite night with those people and, honestly, one of my favorite nights in all of college. It’s blurry, but honestly… that’s appropriate. 🙂

Moon Over Buffalo and Rumors:

Would you believe I used to consider myself a theater director? I directed a bunch of plays throughout my time in college, but two of them – Moon Over Buffalo and Rumors – were life-changing for me. I still consider them to be two of my biggest (and favorite) accomplishments to date. These pictures are from our favorite warm-up.

Senior year in college:

These are the girls I lived with during my senior year of college: Elizabeth (who just got married to another of my friends, Bailey, whom she met that year!), Ally and Whitney. This was during our campus’ annual Olympics-type event.

This is part of the group of friends with whom I spent most of my time and whom I consider to represent college for me. We’re playing one of my favorite games here, flip cup. 😉

Film School:

This are from my 23rd birthday party (and 23 was a hugely wonderful and life-changing year). This is also very indicative of everyone’s personalities.

And this is from a night at the beach, which was the first night I really knew I was going to enjoy living in California.

Post-Film School:

With “my girls”at a Disney-themed party (can you guess who I was?)…

My friend Mike (who looks so much like my brother!) and me at a bowling party…

… posing with Jeff after my very first race. 🙂

Oh, and landing a job in my industry, complete with a new best friend! (Hi, Lauren.)

Not too shabby.

No food in this post (there you go, Grandpa). What a change of pace! I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane.



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4 responses to “Nostalgia: A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. SSJYR

    Kaitlin, I was perfectly happy to stay in the shadows reading your blog through google reader ( I added it the minute you first posted it on fb!) and staying anonymous, not commenting but silently cheering you on with good vibes but no, you had to go and take me out of my incognito with this nostalgic post….oh, the memories from CC! Oh, the memories of having Will as an HF (::best HF ever::). Whitney and Bobby party, anyone?

    Ok, well I’ve said all that to say that I am so so so so so so excited to see your journey (and truly happy that you do not have a sugar intolerance!). Keep up the awesome blogging and yummy eats–those green monster smoothies are truly lifechanging, aren’t they?

    your second semester juinor year neighbor

  2. Oh my god, Mike looks so young in the picture from the beach.

  3. Nicole

    Gaaahhh, I cannot handle the fact that we went abroad FIVE YEARS AGO. That isn’t even fair. I MISS YOU!!! And thank you for the congratulations 🙂 I think we need to get back to the other side of the pond asap – but more importantly, we should probably just find a way to see each other somewhere in the States first 😉 xoxoxo

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