Weekend Catch-Up

So much food to catch up on, so little time.

Actually, truth be told, I didn’t capture much in the vein of food on camera over the past few days. This weekend was absolutely packed and I was both too busy and too distracted to remember to photograph everything. There are, however, a few things I want to share with you.

First up is my lunch from Friday. I’ve read about combinations similar to this on both Meghann’s blog and Kath’s blog, but I have to say that I was still pretty proud of this lunch.

It was an Ezekiel wrap with tempeh (the worcestershire-flavored cubes I’d cooked up the night before), a slice of low fat cheddar cheese, cherry preserves and spinach, all rolled up and heated.

I actually heated it up more after this picture was taken, as I realized I wanted the cheese to be all gooey and melty.

Those are, in fact, the technical terms.

Tempeh is really growing on me. I also had it for lunch yesterday with the remainders of Thursday’s vegetables and some parmesan and romano, and I really enjoyed it. I think I’m starting to understand the tempeh craze.

We had a food truck come by our office again on Friday, but I knew I wanted the lunch I had packed and had no desire to eat anything from the truck.

…that is, until I heard they had Black & White cookies. You see, this was a NY food-based truck and the fact that they claimed to have NY-style B&W cookies… well, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t pass that up. My willpower can be a force to be reckoned with, but I didn’t even really try to fight this urge.

I was good, at first, and didn’t touch it all afternoon. I could smell it, though, and I literally had to move it into my bag so I would stop being tempted by it.

Unfortunately, my willpower only lasted so long. When I was stuck in traffic later that evening, I dug into it, thinking I’d only have half… that is, until I looked down and it was suddenly all gone! Whoops.

It was good, though. Not quite up to New York standards, but close enough to make me happy.

Oh, and of course I had one of these on Friday afternoon:

That was a Regular Soy NSA Vanilla Latte. 🙂

It’s almost sad that one little cup of coffee can make my entire afternoon, but it did. And thank goodness, too, because Friday afternoon was one of the slowest afternoons ever.

That evening (when the day fiiiiinally ended), I went across town to hang out with some friends before we all headed out to a party. By the time 9:00 rolled around, however, I could tell I wasn’t going to make it to the party, no matter how badly I wanted to go. I was exhausted. So, after drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a very cute dinner that we had all prepared together, I headed home. I think I was asleep by 10:30. On a Friday.

Oh well. Honestly, this was for the best, as I woke up on Saturday and ran five miles!

This is the furthest I have ever run and it. felt. so. good.

It was a gorgeous and chilly morning. I decided to go to a nearby high school track for this run, as I wanted to run outside but also wanted to get a stronger sense doing exact mileage outdoors.

Pros: I loved knowing where I was at all times, not having to look out for street signs, and being able to check out mentally and just let my mind run freely. I also really loved that it was flat.

Cons: I knew exactly how many laps I had run and how many I had left to run at all times, which was at times discouraging (but, hey, it was also inspiring and helpful in terms of pacing myself and saving energy).

I wasn’t running quickly at all (I think I actually ended up averaging a few seconds over 12 minute miles), but I felt like I was flying. I also never had any need or desire to stop or slow down. That, my friends, felt wonderful.

I am usually not at all competitive unless I’m doing something I know I’m good at – like, for instance, the board game Taboo, or my favorite party game, flip cup… but I have to admit that I started to feel the licks of a competitive burn in my soul when a high school girl started texting while running. At that point, let me tell you: it became an absolute necessity that I stay ahead of her for the rest of my run.

I did. Thank goodness. Otherwise, that would have been embarrassing.

I thought, at first, that I would feel intimidated by the other runners, the football players practicing on the field and the parents watching their kids practice from the stands… but the truth is, I actually kind of appreciated that there were other people around. I felt like I belonged there, and that was pretty nice.

The best part of my run, though, was that, other than the cramp I developed during the last mile (I really need to learn to drink water during my longer runs), I could have kept going after my five miles were up. That sure gave me the confidence I needed for the 10K, which is two weeks away!

Anyway, the rest of the day disappeared before I knew it. I hit the Farmer’s Market briefly, but hadn’t planned and wasn’t all that inspired by the market. My friends were throwing a party on Saturday night in honor of another friend and I was technically part of the party-planning committee, so I had a bunch of things that I had to get done to prepare for the evening.

That included baking these:

… but I’ll get to those later.

That night, the party started with a somewhat intimate dinner amongst a close-knit group of my friends. The spread was comprised (mostly) of Mexican food, almost all of which was prepared by my friend Lindsey, who is an insanely talented cook.

My plate (though I did go back for some unpictured seconds):

And then there was dessert. I am sooooo upset that I didn’t get better pictures of the gorgeous cheesecake that Lindsey prepared, but I can at least tell you about it… It was a goat cheese cheesecake on a filo dough crust with a port reduction sauce.


Sadly, all I have to show for it is this poor quality picture of my slice, taken outside and in the dark. It’s not even in focus.

Frankly, I’m ashamed. It’s just… I was really excited to eat it.

Anyway, the rest of the night went along these lines…

… and that was the end of that.

I had the best of intentions to run another 3.5 miles on Sunday morning, but I knew within minutes of waking up that said run was not happening. Between being sore from the previous day’s 5-miler (I’m still enjoying saying that!) and being tired from the previous night’s late night shenanigans, I knew I was better off just chilling out.

I made myself some eggs and baby pieces of toast (made from fresh multi-grain bread from the Farmer’s Market!) with some Earth Balance and agave-sweetened ketchup (for the eggs)…

…and then settled in for a leisurely morning of watching mindless TV and (eventually) cleaning the entire apartment. It was therapeutic.

The rest of yesterday kind of passed by in a blur, other than when I went out for dinner and ended up being out wayyyy past my bedtime.

I was back to (almost) normal this morning – much as I fought it. More on that later.

10K Training Day 27

5 mile run on track for ~62 minutes (avg. a little over 12 min/ mile)

~10 minute (1/2 mile) walking cool down

10K Training Day 28

Rest Day


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