Owning It

There is a reason for this post title, but you’ll have to wait ’til the end for me to get to it.

Both lunch and dinner yesterday were simply unimpressive, and I’ve been thinking that I’m going to start moving away from the meals that aren’t really worth blogging about. So, no need to post those.

I will say this about lunch, though: it was light… which left me craving something a little bit decadent at snack time. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to give this new (to me) bar a shot:

My general reaction is basically… ehh. Sure ,it’s full of good ingredients, and yea, it’s chocolatey… but the truth is, this bar is simply not worth the 210 calories or $2.95 per bar.

For reasons I don’t yet want to reveal (but which are pretty exciiiiting!), last night called for a last minute baking experiment.

I ended up making these guys:

They’re granola bars, if you can’t tell. I let a little too much sunlight into this picture.

However, because they aren’t yet perfect, I’m not going to post the recipe – for now! Suffice it to say that the taste is awesome (at least, I think so) but the texture and composition aren’t quite there yet. I have some more experimenting and tweaking to do before I share this recipe with you guys, but I have a feeling that you are going to love it once I perfect it.

Anyway, I want to get to the main point of this post. A very cool trend is going around the blogosphere, thanks to Rachel Wilkerson:

Bloggers all around the healthy living blog world have been “owning” things that they might otherwise feel guilty about, due to the perceptions of others. I’ve been trying to think of exactly what I wanted to add to this conversation, but it only became clear to me today. A situation brought about an understanding of exactly what I have been feeling guilty about that I now realize I just need to own.

I’d like to own the fact that I lead a healthy lifestyle, which sometimes requires that I sacrifice parts of my social life. Yes, there are times that I miss events or leave early from them because I want to stick to my training schedule. I do this because the goals I set for myself – and my efforts to meet them – fulfill me. They make me happy.

Sorry I’m not sorry.



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2 responses to “Owning It

  1. It’s so frustrating when your friends are pressuring you to give up your healthy habits to be social. Way to own it!

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