Race Updates

Clearly, I have caught the running bug!

Today, I signed up for two more 10Ks (without even having yet run this upcoming one!).



Suffice it to say that I am excited!

I also have to say that, for both races, I had to choose between the options of a 5K or a 10K – and I chose 10K both times without hesitation. That’s awesome.

And now… I am considering a half marathon. 🙂

Now, no promises. As of right now, I still think a half marathon might be too much on my body. I don’t have the best knees, and we all know that I tend to injure myself (Knock on wood! Right now!)… But I have to say, running and training are becoming kind of addicting and I really, really love the feeling of having a goal to work toward.

Plus, I can’t imagine I’ll be running a twelve-minute mile forever… right?

Anyway, right now these two seem to be the top contenders, should I choose to do a half:

Which one do you guys think I should do? Or do you think there’s a great one that I’m missing? I really wanted to do one in Santa Barbara or in the Napa area, but I’ll be honest – I’m not looking to do a race heavy on the hills. Hills kill me.

Nobody thinks I’m crazy for doing this, right? Except my mother?



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4 responses to “Race Updates

  1. There are also the LA and the Pasadena half marathons. I believe they are a little later on in the year (for some reason I’m thinking March and April, respectively) and I’m really not sure how flat they are or not, so you’d need to look into it.

    I find running to be a great way to explore the area I live in, which is the main reason my interest is peaked on these races. PS I’m running the OC marathon next May (just re-registered!)

  2. I say go for it! You will be amazed at how strong your body can become if you train smart!! And the emotional rewards of running a half marathon will be priceless!

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