In boot camp this morning, we worked a bit on our balance. Somehow, I managed to do a V-sit with a band around my feet, using said band to do rows.

Yea, I don’t know how I did it, either. I didn’t, however, last as long as I would have liked to. New goal!

The concept of balance has stayed with me all day.

I started the day knowing that lunch was going to be decadent. In celebration of the three-day weekend, my office kindly hosted another food truck lunch (and I actually got to eat it this time, unlike at the 4th of July event!). We had both a BBQ truck and an ice cream truck, and because they are both highly buzzed-about trucks in LA, I knew I was going to want to sample both.

To me, living a healthy lifestyle and leading a healthy living blog does not mean I have to be perfect all the time (and trust me, I’m far from it); instead, it means I strive to strike a balance in my life.

I certainly have my fair share of drinks. I skip workouts when I know don’t feel up to them (this goes both ways, too; sometimes I don’t listen to my body and end up injuring myself). I indulge in french fries or cupcakes when I decide that’s what I really want.

If I ate and acted this way all the time, I couldn’t claim to have a healthy lifestyle.

But I don’t. I pick and choose my moments.

I’d say that 95% of the time, I make the healthy choice. I do this because it makes me feel good and it makes me happy. There are definitely times when the choice is tough, but that I ultimately choose the healthy choice because I know it will be worth it later. For instance, I skipped out on a dinner I really wanted to attend this week because I knew that staying out late would conflict with a long run I really needed to do in order to feel prepared for next week’s 10K. Had I missed the run and ended up feeling under-prepared next week as a result, I would have been kicking myself for having attended this dinner. There are also times, though, that I feel as though making the “healthy” choice would be a deprivation. In those instances, I end up feeling kind of frustrated, and I don’t ever want to resent my own choices. So, sometimes when I go to a party, or when I’m at a nice restaurant, or when my office hosts a food truck lunch, I decide to indulge.

Sometimes I overindulge, and I end up regretting that. Like I said, I’m not perfect.

Today, however, is a perfect example of balance (if I do say so myself), and I’m pretty proud of myself for it.

At the gym this morning, knowing I wasn’t going to have the cleanest day of eating, I worked hard in class and on the elliptical and added an extra ten minutes to my time on the elliptical Now, those ten minutes aren’t going to do much, but they’re a good way to add a little extra to the healthy side of the scale without stressing my body out too much before the long run I have scheduled for tomorrow.

I then came home to a perfectly healthy and light start to my day of eating.

Pluot Smoothie

Into the mix went:

  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tbs nonfat plain greek yogurt
  • 1/3 frozen banana
  • handful fresh baby spinach
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 pluot, peeled and sliced

On top:

  • 2/3 tbs coconut butter (it would not drizzle! hmmph)
  • handful Go Lean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax

This was really light and surprisingly voluminous! I think the water-based aspect of the pluot really made a difference.

When the food truck lunch came around, I indulged, but I did not overindulge. I know that some people in the office ended up spending the afternoon feeling bloated and full. I, however, felt… pretty good! In fact, I felt really happy about what I’d eaten and the fact that I’d gotten to enjoy yummy and out-of-the-ordinary food without feeling consequences (like I did on Wednesday after those Vietnamese tofu tacos…).

The choices on the BBQ food truck were as follows:

I had originally planned on just getting three tofu tacos, but the “spicy” description scared me off. I ended up getting two chicken tacos and one tofu taco. People were raving about the short rib sliders, but I heard they were pretty heavy and I just knew those would make me feel sick.

The one on the left is the tofu taco and those two on the right are the chicken tacos. Thank goodness I ended up ordering two chicken and one tofu, because I was entirely unimpressed by the tofu taco. I ended up eating the two chicken tacos and tossing the tofu. After all, I had to save room for ice cream! šŸ™‚

From co-worker reviews, I heard the cookie and ice cream combo was pretty awesome, so I wanted to get a taste of what everyone else was so enjoying. However, I knew I didn’t need the two cookies on an ice cream sandwich in order to grasp this concept, so I ordered a scoop of the ice cream in a cup with one cookie on top (another trick I picked up from co-workers).

The combination was of coffee-toffee ice cream (a flavor combination I love) and a snickerdoodle cookie.

It. Was. Awesome.

Overall, this was an entirely enjoyable food truck lunch. Plus, I got a sweet t-shirt (thanks, Sue!).

And, by the time 4:30 rolled around, I was totally ready for my Coffee Bean Friday picking: a regular, iced, no sugar added Vanilla Soy Latte.

Happy Friday, everyone!

10K Training Day 33

5 minutes elliptical warmup

45 minutes boot camp

45 minutes elliptical (40 min high intensity + 5 min cool down)



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3 responses to “Balance

  1. I started the ice cream in a cup plus one cookie trend!!!!! (just sayin’)


    But we didn’t even hit up the food truck at the same time, so I’m glad to see it carried over throughout the day!

    my food truck post drops on Labor Day, if you’re interested. I packed away a short rib slider and two pork tacos….yum yum!

  2. Jennifer


    I must tell you that your attitude towards healthy living is such an inspiration to me. Thanks!

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