Missing: My Self-Control

I have lost my self-control. If you happen to come across it, could you let me know? Thanks.

Photographic evidence that I have succumbed to the food blogging ways:

(Hilariously/ ironically, I read this post just a couple of hours after I made these purchases.)

Those are the grocery items from this morning’s “quick stop” at the store. I have a recipe planned for which I decided coconut oil would be perfect (not that I have ever used it before), so I knew I needed to stop at the specialty grocery store near me. Oh, and I’m almost out of coconut butter and of shredded, unsweetened coconut, so clearly I’d need those items, too. Also, I know I’m going to want coconut water on Sunday for the 10K, so I needed to stock up on that, too.

Are we noticing a theme here? I guess I like coconut. I swear, that’s everything coconut I ever buy. They just happened to all fall on one shopping trip. I swear.

But… it gets worse. You see, right across the aisle from the coconut butter were the nut butters. All of a sudden, this small specialty store has more than doubled their nut butter offerings.

Come on, people, really? I’m on a budget! Don’t they know this?

Clearly, I have no willpower. Zip. Zero. Because I bought not one, but two nut butters (I mean, what if they stopped stocking them?)… and I honestly had to force myself to walk away before I threw more in my already heavy basket.

And then, finally, I mean, I have been looking everywhere for canned pumpkin… and they had a two-fer deal! So, obviously, I had to pick some of that up.


To be clear, these are not cheap items (well, the pumpkin is). I will defend myself slightly in that every single one of those items was on sale. But, still, not cheap.

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave these sparkly new items in my potentially hot car, so I brought them into work with me.

This was my first mistake.

My second mistake was peeking into the bag every so often just to look at my pretty new nut butters.

My third – and biggest – mistake was thinking that, after this perfectly delicious, perfectly filling, and perfectly healthy lunch of leftovers from the other night….

(Seriously, how good does that portobello pizza look? It reheated – by broiling for about 8 minutes –  beautifully. Surprisingly, so did the okra fries.)

(continued from above) …. it would be appropriate to satisfy my sweet tooth with an entire homemade granola bar (which was meant to be my afternoon snack!) because I knew I was going to want to try out one of my new nut butters at snack time. I really only intended to eat half of it, but then I looked down and it was all gone. Hmm.

Maybe someone stole some when I wasn’t looking.

No, but seriously, where is my self control?

Apparently, it really is missing, because even though I was still full at snack time, I managed to break into my snack at a later-than-normal time just so that I’d get to try out that nut butter I was so desperate to try.

Appropriately, that looks kind of like a crime scene photo.

Yea, I don’t think that expiration date is even sort of going to be a problem.

Honestly. It’s laughable.



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3 responses to “Missing: My Self-Control

  1. Will

    I’ve lost my self control too. But in the exact opposite way you did.

  2. I’m so jealous you have canned pumpkin! I’ve been looking everywhere for it and can’t find it! I would have splurged and bought a few also!

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