I’m Famous!

Okay, not really. But Kaitlin With Honey was featured yesterday on the Woman’s Day Magazine website, and that, to me, is really very cool. Check it out!


We had another food truck near the office yesterday, and it was a crepe truck… so really, I had to try it. I had to! I even checked out their menu yesterday and settled immediately upon the savory vegetable crepe, so I didn’t bother bringing in anything for lunch today.

Mistake! As it turned out, the truck, for whatever reason, decided not to serve the veggie crepe today. I ended up ordering the ham & brie crepe, but the truth is, I ended up feeling kind of underwhelmed by it.

Totally not worth the splurge. Oh, well.

Guess what was?

A Regular Soy NSA Caramel Latte.


Hope you all had a happy CBF and are now enjoying your Saturday mornings! I’m off to do a thousand things. 🙂


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5 responses to “I’m Famous!

  1. YAY on being featured! Congrats!

  2. That’s so cool that you were featured! Love it!

    Andy and I love food trucks, I would have loved to try a crepe truck!

  3. Awsome!

    Congrats on the feature!!

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