I Beat My Goal!

Thankfully, the timing chip situation was sorted out and I found out my time! I came in at 1:11:08, which means I beat my goal! I came in at an under 12:00 minute pace (to be specific, I came in at an 11:28 pace), and, frankly, I’m thrilled. I was talking to my sister last night when I found out and I totally freaked out about it.

It’s sure as heck not a fast pace for seasoned runners, but it was fast for me. And (though I was close), I didn’t come in last for my age group, which was something I had been prepared for. I still can’t wipe the goofy grin off my face. πŸ™‚

I’m guessing, by the way, that my pace for miles 1-4 was somewhere above 12:00 and my pace for miles 5-6.2 were closer to 10:30.

Oh, and I found a picture of me at the finish line! It’s not the best and I hope there are more (once they sort them out by bib number), but here you go:


Anyway, the remainder of yesterday was completely unremarkable. My lack of sleep caught up to me and I ended up lazying around my apartment for the majority of the day, which means I pretty much half-napped all day. Food-wise, I ended up having a “linner” (lunch/dinner) that took absolutely minimal effort – all I had to give.

I really don’t think it was the race that wore me out; I’m no stranger to running! I think it really did have everything to do with my sleepless night.

I made my second pizza of the weekend, this time sticking with a classic.

Naan bread works really well as effortless pizza dough, just FYI. I topped a piece of naan with some marinara sauce and some low fat shredded mozzarella and then threw it all in the oven at 400 degrees for eight minutes. Like I said, minimal effort.

It was so good!

Given that I ran a race yesterday and that I was so underslept, I ate remarkably little for the day. Not only does running make me starving, but generally we all need more food more when we’re underslept.Β  I snacked a bit on some multigrain chips and had a little bit of frozen yogurt later in the evening, but honestly, I didn’t eat much for the day. I’m sure, however, that my completely sedentary post-race behavior had a lot to do with it.

In case you can’t tell, I’m still on a bit of a high from the race. πŸ™‚



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10 responses to “I Beat My Goal!

  1. That’s a fast pace for me. In my prime, I could run an 11:30 pace but now I’m at a sad 14:30. I’m slowly speeding back up. Slowly!

    I love that runner’s high. Congrats on beating your goal πŸ™‚

    • Amanda, I have to tell you that this comment made me feel a lot better about my pace in general. I think in the blog world, it can get easy to compare yourself to more seasoned runners/ cooks/ whatever. Thank you!

  2. threepagesla

    Nice! You look awesome crossing the finish line! I’ve never been lucky to have an action shot of myself finishing a race, but my guess is I would be slumping over/needing someone to catch me, haha.

    Great job!

  3. Mark

    that’s a great picture! Look at your smile. Congrats on your time, that’s awesome!

  4. Rock the F on, Kaitlin! Congratulations!!

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