Today is a Special Day

Do you guys know what today is?

No, it’s not my birthday. It’s not your birthday, either. Or maybe it is. If so, happy birthday! 😀

Annnnnyway…. it’s Monday of TV PREMIERE WEEK!!!!!

I already told you about one of my great loves. Another is Harry Potter. I’ll address that eventually, but not today. My third is one I’ve hinted at but never outright said (I don’t think): TV.  I am straight up obsessed with TV. Two specific shows, Lost and Friday Night Lights, are my all-time favorites. However, Lost is over (biiiig sad face) and FNL is on DirectTV until the spring, so I have to wait.

But that’s okay! Because… IT’S TV PREMIERE WEEK!

Throughout the week, I’ll be telling you what I’m going to watch (or, at least DVR) that night… and then we can discuss, at length, our thoughts. It’s like Jenna‘s book club… but on a less intellectual level. Pssh! Who needs books?

(Don’t worry, Grandma and Grandpa. I still love reading!)

Disclaimer: I will probably cry if you ruin anything for me (just ask my family), so please check with others before you say anything that could even sort of be a spoiler, just in case people aren’t caught up. Also, no spoilers in comments, please! Be courteous of fellow bloggees. 🙂


8:00PM: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)


8:00PM: Chuck (NBC)


9PM: The Event (NBC)

(Please be the new Lost, please be the new Lost…)


9:30PM: Mike & Molly (CBS)


10:00PM: Castle (ABC)


Ahh… I’m getting happy just thinking about it!



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4 responses to “Today is a Special Day

  1. I’m obsessed with tv too so I’m excited to see what you post about. Then again, I am watching Gossip Girl. How old am I again?

  2. Mark

    I watched Mike and Molly tonight. It might be the first funny sitcom to come along in a long time.

    It’s a good thing you live in an era with DVR because you would be sooooo lost without it!

  3. Hi Kaitlin,

    I hardly get to watch TV these day. I haven’t had TV in life since I started school this year. Once I’m done, I’m going to do a TV Series marathon and stay in for a whole week.

    While I was cooking dinner last night, I had the TV on for background noise and say Chuck was back. I adore him, ever since he was so nice when I met him at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

    I heard Glee is on tonight, maybe I will make time for it, my exception.

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