Weekend Recap

I had an awesome weekend!

Not only did wonderful and supportive messages continue to come in from all of you, but I also had a bunch of fun things going on this weekend. No need to share all the food and such (especially since I forgot or didn’t feel it was appropriate to capture it half the time), but I will bring you some highlights.

On Friday night, I went to go see a Hanson concert.

Remember them? MMMBop?

Now – unless you know me personally, you don’t yet know that I have long been a huge fan of Hanson.

They’re one of my great loves in life. They have been my favorite band since I was eleven years old. My love for them has yet to fade (I kind of doubt it ever will?), but I thankfully did, long ago, grow out of the whole having-their-posters-covering-my-walls thing (it’d be really weird if I didn’t).

To this day, I never miss a concert when they’re in my area and I still buy each new album and play it far past the point of knowing all of the words.



And Zac, whom I was once pretttty convinced I was going to marry:

I’m over that now… mostly. But, really,  I seriously thought I was going to marry him. It was therefore quite the rude awakening when he got married to some other girl.


Anyway, all too soon, it was over…

…and while that was sad, my feet were very happy about it. I definitely wore the wrong shoes to stand for five hours (which was seriously how long the show was, including both opening bands).

I woke up really late the next morning and forced myself to go on a run, but it was a pretty terrible attempt and I should have just stayed home. First it was supposed to be five miles, until it was four, and then a 5K sounded like a good enough idea… and then, by the time I hit 2.5, I decided enough was enough.

Never run at noon. Nothing good can come of it. Nothing.

Post-run, I treated myself to a half a cantaloupe with some cereal and coconut butter crumbles. It was awesome.

I also added quite a bit more cereal after this picture was taken. I was hungry!

So hungry, in fact, that it was only about an hour and a half later that I made myself a cheese omelet and layered it into a sandwich.

That night, I went out for dinner and drinks at Lucy’s 51 in Toluca Lake with some of my friends. I had so much fun. I got a pomegranate martini…

… but, sadly, that’s the only picture I have of the night. Anyway, it was a very cool place, filled with rocker chick types. I enjoyed the vibe. 🙂

Sunday was spent watching Felicity and running errands. The perfect lazy Sunday, if you ask me.

These errands included buying a new coffee maker, which I have been without since my old one broke a few months ago. Naturally, I also bought some new coffee. For the first time, I bough it from the Coffee Bean (I really am a Starbucks girl), as I heard they had new seasonal coffees out and they all sounded so good.

Would you believe they had Pumpkin Spice and I didn’t get it? I decided that, since I’m enjoying pumpkin in so many other ways, I’d give the coffee I made at home a little more variety. The Almond Creme was a no-brainer, as almond is my all-time favorite flavor of just about anything. I got the Snickerdoodle as well because the the girl who sold me the coffee told me that the Snickerdoodle coffee smelled and tasted amazing.

I made the Snickerdoodle yesterday morning. I was sort of underwhelmed but I also think I made it too weak. I’ll have to try it again before I give it a real review.

What you’re seeing next to the coffee there is what I’m going to call… “genius in the making.” On a whim, I decided to make a breakfast pizza, so I fried two eggs while heating up another frozen naan in the oven, then threw the eggs and some shredded lowfat cheddar on top and heated it for a few more minutes in the oven, until the cheese melted.

Apparently I’m in a bread, egg and cheese kind of place.

Anyway, it needs some work (it was a little bland and a little dry – the eggs cooked too much!) but it’s going to be great once I figure it out.

I went out to dinner last night at a place called 8oz Burger Bar, which is a really nice place with very yummy food… and specialty drinks! I got a veggie burger (so yummy and served with avocado on top) and a Blackberry Collins cocktail.

No pictures… it was one of those times when it just wasn’t going to be appropriate to whip a camera out.

What a good weekend! I swear, the last week and a half has been so good to me.



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3 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! I was the biggest Hanson fan back in the day. I had a Hanson club and we held meetings. so fun!

    I was convinced that Taylor and I would be together. Sadly, no. (Just kidding Andy!)

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  3. Hey! I was at that show on Friday too! woo hoo fellow blogging Hanson fans 🙂

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