Oversleeping = Training Technique

I overslept this morning.

Who knew this would help my run?

On the weekdays that I run, I usually sleep in until 6:30, get ready for my run in a leisurely fashion, and give myself plenty of a cushion for run so that I’ll be out the door by 9:20 for work without feeling at all rushed. Today, I woke up at 7:37. Ironically, I woke up in the middle of a dream about running. I think my body remembered what I was supposed to be doing! Anyway, I at first assumed that a run was out of the question, but I did a quick calculation and figured I could get about two miles in if I rushed to get ready both before and after the run.  Something was better than nothing!

Apparently, the rushing fueled my run, too. I felt like I was flying this morning. I ended up doing 2.76 miles in 29:52, which makes my pace a solid 10:51. The best part of the run was when, once I’d done two miles, I realized I had more time. I knew of a small, .75-long loop that I could take. I knew I would have enough time for if I kept up my pace but not  enough if I slowed back to my regular pace. Talk about incentive!

I can’t believe I was able to increase my pace so much! It felt so good to see that my pace fell under 11:00 when just a few weeks ago, it was over 12:00. I have a feeling my pace this morning was about what I was running for miles five and six during the 10K.

I really feel like I’m becoming a legitimate runner and I love, love, LOVE that feeling.

Another great part of my run this morning was when I passed an elderly man – twice! – who cheered me on. His gregarious friendliness reminded me so much of my grandpa, which put me in a great mood and made me immediately like him more.

Thank goodness I’d prepared my breakfast last night, because I was definitely in a rush this morning.

I had overnight oats with strawberries and Naturally Nutty’s Mocha Peanut Butter.

While I enjoy this nut butter, I think it’s the weakest of the Naturally Nutty nut butters I’ve tried.

I’d made the OOs with extra almond milk and yogurt this morning, thinking it would make for a creamier bowl. I guess it did, but I ended up regretting the move. I think I like my OOs a little but on the drier/ chewier side.

But, really, even when OOs aren’t perfect, they still make a morning better. 🙂

Not that the morning needed to be better! My run this morning has kind of had me on cloud nine all day. Runner’s highs are no joke. They are for real!

Tuesday Morning Workout

.15 mile walking warm up

2.76 miles in 29:52, averaging a 10:51 pace

.15 mile walking cool down



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2 responses to “Oversleeping = Training Technique

  1. Nice work woman! That strawberry bowl looks FANTASTIC!

  2. Mark

    You SLEEP IN until 6:30? what time do you usually wake up? What time do you go to bed? What the hell are overnight oats? Wow I never guessed I’d still have so much to learn after I graduated.

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