Friday, Friday

I’m really kind of embarrassed by how many times I’ve listened to Justin Bieber’s new song today. In my defense, I only actually watched the video once.

I swear.

Also in my defense, since I’m aware that I make myself sound like I have the worst taste in music ever, I only really tell you guys about my embarrassing music choices. I never tell you about the good stuff. Well, except for Hanson.

Hold your comments. No, seriously.

Anyway, concerning Justin Bieber… really, it’s just been that kind of Friday.

I’m a little underslept today, partially because I was out too late last night and partially because I’m too stubborn for my own good and have a really difficult time skipping workouts. Add to that that I screwed with my blood sugar by waiting far past the point of hunger for lunch, and you’ve got one off-kilter blogger.

Let me back up.

Last night I had the pleasure of experiencing a new-to-me bar called Bigfoot West, which is a new installation of a camp/ log cabin-themed bar (the other in LA is called the Bigfoot Lodge) with a kind of hipster crowd. It’s a bar I’ve wanted to check out for a while (despite the hipster crowd, that is), so I was happy to go.

I wasn’t there for long, but I did get one drink of my own (some lackluster ginger beer concoction):

I also got to try a sip of Christin’s drink, which is the drink they’re famous for: the Toasted Marshmallow. It’s positively sinful.

First, the  bartender sets the marshmallow on fire…

… and then he sets it in the drink:

He kept it on fire a little longer than usual so I could capture it, but I don’t think Christin minded.

Cool, right?

A few snapshots from the evening, borrowed from my friend Nate…

Will and me:

Liz and Christin:

And the birthday boy, Ben, with Nate:

Anyway, I still managed to wake up for the gym this morning, but it did take me a little while to be happy about it. 😉 Thankfully, boot camp today leaned more toward strength training than butt-kicking cardio, so that helped.

Breakfast was overnight oats topped with frozen banana soft serve a la Angela (1/2 frozen banana + splash of almond milk, whirred together in the food processor) + White Chocolate Dreams PB + a few butterscotch chips just for the fun of it.

I had a heck of a morning with pre-work errands and my plans for lunch ended up falling through. Thankfully, some of the other girls at work also wanted to order in a healthy lunch, so we got some takeout from a restaurant called HealthyCA.

I got the Chilled Orient: buckwheat noodles, tofu, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, rice sticks, black sesame seeds, seaweed (which I removed) and baby greens.

Surprisingly, half of the tofu was pesto tofu. Even more surprisingly, it somehow worked!

The afternoon involved a celebration of Coffee Bean Friday with a soy Pumpkin latte with only half the flavor, as otherwise, it’s a bit too powerful and a bit too sweet for me.

And, as always, there was another take on the spelling of my name:

Have a beautiful Friday evening!



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2 responses to “Friday, Friday

  1. I love the Big Foot Lodge! I was actually there just last night. Clearly I have to check out Big Foot West! I had no idea they were opening a second location.

  2. I need to try that banana soft serve!!!!

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