Weekend in Review

I really meant to bake something this weekend, but time just disappeared right before my eyes. Next weekend!… Hopefully. This week is going to be intensely busy and I’m just trying to keep up with it!

Most of the weekend’s eats went undocumented by camera again… but I can tell you that I didn’t really eat anything special, so it’s no big deal.

The good news is, I captured some of the good times!

I made a trip to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, knowing I wasn’t really planning on getting anything (I hadn’t planned out my meals yet) but also knowing that a Saturday doesn’t really feel complete without perusing the market.

I particularly enjoyed the few but noticeable signs that it’s fall. 🙂

At some point that afternoon, I helped myself to an iced, soy, one-pump Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (aka heaven in my mouth) and a mini vanilla scone, just ’cause.

Close up on the name spelling (it really never gets old):

On Saturday night, I went out with a bunch of my friends to see The Social Network.


Seriously, guys, this movie was so good. I’m not a huge movie lover (I’m more of a TV girl, in case you hadn’t noticed), despite being a former a film student, and still, I was absolutely riveted throughout this film. The acting, the directing, the writing, the pacing… everything. It was great. See it. Especially if you’re of my generation (aka the kids who were in college when facebook emerged).

Afterward, those of us who had gone to see the film together went out for drinks at the nearby Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in Burbank.

Some of the girls (Hanna, Audrey and Elisa):

And me with all the boys (Nick, Ben, Andrew, Basel and Nate):

Am I a lucky girl, or what? Even though some of them are being silly…

I got the Hefeweizen, which was good but not my favorite hefe – not by a long shot! I’d get something else next time. I wasn’t a huge fan of the banana taste.

Sunday was an intense day of cleaning the apartment. I’m going to have people to impress in the apartment this week and I don’t think I’ll have much more time to clean!

Hope you all are having a happy Monday!



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3 responses to “Weekend in Review

  1. Glad to hear the Social Network was good! I really hope I get to see it next weekend because its getting rave reviews!

  2. The kid from the Social Network reminds me of Micheal Cera. They always play the same character.

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