Busy Day!

I feel like I have not stopped moving for a single day this week, and today has been the busiest of them all! It’s 6:18pm as I start to write this and it’s literally the first moment I’ve had all day to do so. I miss blogging!

As soon as I got home last night, I jumped into a baking project. More on that later, though…;)

Before I started baking, actually, I made a pretty creative dinner (if I do say so myself) with the five minutes I had available to do so.

To make two servings (I’ve got leftovers!), I heated up a can of Annie’s Organics Black Bean Vegetable soup while boiling a cup of chopped fresh green beans alongside it. I drained and added those in, as well as a cup of cooked (canned) corn. It was almost like eating chili, especially with the greek yogurt and shredded cheddar I added on top.

I also had a pumpkin beer, which Trader Joe’s has finally released this season! Don’t they know I start craving pumpkin on September first? It’s not the best pumpkin beer ever, but it’s nice to be able to have one nonetheless.

I’m dying to try pumking after reading Kath rave about it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available in southern California. 😦 Boo. I want butterbeer! That’s how Kath describes it.

Anyway, I went on a short-ish run this morning, since I went on a pretty long run on Tuesday and wanted to give my legs a break since they were so tired for the past two days. It felt good to get them moving, but I’m glad I didn’t push myself any harder than I did. I ran 3.35 miles and that was perfect.

I love that 3.35 miles has become a fairly easy distance for me! I never thought I’d be a girl that could pull off saying “I ran an easy three miles this morning,” but… I think I’m getting there!

I wish I could say that I enjoyed a refreshing smoothie post-run this morning, but the truth is that it is getting to be officially too cold for smoothies. Well, it has been for the past few days, anyway. We’re back to weather in the high 80’s in LA this weekend. 😦

This morning, though, I was almost shivering as I ate my smoothie.

At least it tasted good!

Into the mix went:

  • 3 ice cubes
  • big handful fresh baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 tbs nonfat plain greek yogurt
  • ~ 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 tsp almond extract

On top:

  • ~2/3 tbs warmed coconut butter
  • handful Go Lean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax

The morning absolutely flew by (heck, the whole day did!), and lunchtime almost came and went without me noticing it.  Once I remembered, I ate my chicken teriyaki leftovers from the other night. All mixed up with soy sauce, it basically felt like I was eating (healthy!) chicken fried rice.

I think I’m going to try making healthy chicken fried rice in the next few weeks. Nice. New idea.

That was me thinking out loud. Blogging out loud? Thinking out written? I’ll stop.


Aside from staying busy with work throughout the day, I also got to make a big ordeal out of celebrating Lauren’s birthday!

Happy birthday, Lauren!!!

She was really excited.

So, the first thing I did was decorate her office:

Believe it or not, my expression below is sarcastic. I’m really having fun.

Oh, and here’s me at my photogenic finest:

I know. You wish you looked like me in pictures.

Lauren really liked it! 🙂

Next up: birthday cake!

Sorry, I didn’t capture it before someone started cutting it.

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Yum!

I had a piece:

Annnnd then I went into a serious sugar coma.

Finally, I had one more treat to share with her and the office in a final celebration… But I’m not going to share that with you until tomorrow. 😉

Here’s a hint:

Any guesses?

I hope I made her birthday as good as possible! I think it’s the duty of a BFF, don’t you?

Oh, and…

Thursday Morning Workout

3.35 mile run in 38:40, resulting in a 11:32 pace.

Not too shabby for an “easy” run!



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4 responses to “Busy Day!

  1. LJ


    I just ran across you’re blog and looked through your recipe archives. I love that you have some quick meals for one, and I’m definitely going to be trying out some things. And congrats on gaining your health. I’m on my own path right now, but still have quite a few changes to make. Good luck on your running!

  2. Yum! I haven’t had ice cream cake in years! Also, I know what you mean about pumpkin ale. Thanks for the heads up that Traders has finally started selling it. Also, sometimes you can order different, hard to find drinks through BevMo! They might have that beer Kath recommended.

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