French Fries for Dinner

I was totally that girl in the office kitchen yesterday that made it all stinky with my brussels sprouts.

I felt bad, but I got over it when I realized just how good my lunch was.

I heated up the remainders of brussels sprouts from dinner the other night and topped them with a crumbled Trader Joe’s brand veggie burger.

I then topped all of that with ketchup.

Because, I mean, ketchup makes everything better.

The TJ’s veggie burgers are new to me. I like them quite a bit but I also kind of didn’t understand then need for so much oil in them. Like, literally, there was a layer of oil on the frozen burgers. That’s kind of gross and unnecessary. However, they were really yummy (they had kind of a falafel quality to them) and completely satisfying – I was stuffed at the end of lunch. Fats are good for satiety, so at least there’s that.

The handful(s) of Nilla Wafers I consumed after lunch probably helped, too. Oops.

Unfortunately, the rest of the day kind of continued in the same direction as the Nilla Wafers handfuls situation. All of a sudden during the afternoon, my running-the-day-before-induced (I think) salt craving kicked in, and I ended up randomly snacking on handfuls here and there of goldfish throughout the afternoon instead of having a real or vaguely healthy snack.

Then, rather than having dinner last night, I chose french fries and beer.

These days happen. I’m not upset about it!

I’d say I had the top third of those fries (there were a lot – I don’t think you can really tell in the picture) plus all of the German hefeweizen next to it and a light German beer with a name I couldn’t understand, much less remember. 🙂

The beers were both German because I was at a German bar. You probably saw that coming.

I met my friend Keith at this bar, which is in Silverlake and called the Red Lion Tavern. It was my first time there and I was a big fan, especially because they have a really fun beer garden in the back with lots of German accents.

Cute, right?

You can’t read it because I hate using flash in restaurants and bars, but I had the beer at the top left and the beer third down on the right. Really, I’m just showing you the menu because I feel that the look of it indicates of the vibe of the place.

Overall, I was a fan of this bar. I liked the beer, the attention we got from the bartender (always attentive but never on top of us, as bartenders can be on weekday nights), the atmosphere and the crowd.

Worth checking out if you’re in the LA area!


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3 responses to “French Fries for Dinner

  1. joteho

    As the Germans say: Three beers equal one Schnitzel.

    Not sure we know how to convert French fries, though.

  2. I’m also a big fan of the Red Lion! And I’ve had more than my fair share of “french fries and beer dinners”.

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