Boss’s Day

I’m a big fan of celebrating. Be it people, events, or whatever, I like to make something of an occasion.

More often than not, I do this by, well, making something.

Today, it happens to be Boss’s Day. I was pretty excited about this. I love baking for people at the office, and I especially love a chance to embarrass people with silly holidays.

I have two bosses with dramatically different tastes. One isn’t a fan of sweets but loves rich, savory items. The other eats very healthfully but has a fondness for amaretto. Thus, last night, I set out to make two drastically different gifts for two drastically different bosses.

For the first boss, I made Spicy Cheese Biscuits.

For the other, I made low-sugar, partially whole wheat and almost fat-free (yes, seriously) Amaretto Raspberry Bread.

After all, I believe people should be celebrated uniquely.

I’ll post the recipes this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂



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