Early Morning Shopping Trip

Proof that I’m a food blogger: I actually set my alarm this morning so I’d wake up an hour early in order to go food shopping. Why? I knew I wanted waffles but was all out.

Oh, and by the way, I wasn’t out of waffles because I ate them all, I was out of them because I absent-mindedly left the Eggo waffles I bought a few weeks ago on top of the freezer rather than in it.

Don’t worry about it.

My roommate tried to convince me that they’d still be fine, but I’m a “better safe than sorry” kind of girl, you know what I mean?

So, since one of you commented on KWH a while back that I should try Van’s waffles, I decided to listen up and buy them.

Good stats, right? Six grams of fiber and five of protein? I’ll take ’em.

While out at the nearby Whole Foods-type market, I also picked up some (more) peanut butter.

This may or may not raise my count of nut butters to nine.

Again, don’t worry about it.

I couldn’t help myself! It was calling my name. No, literally. I am Kaitlin With Honey, after all.

So, I slathered my new peanut butter on top of the toasted waffles and added a sprinkling of chia seeds, a few banana slices, and blackberries on top.


Plus, don’t they just look pretty?

Oh, and those stats lived up to their promise; I felt completely satisfied until lunchtime.

Speaking of lunch, I finally fulfilled my grilled cheese and tomato soup craving.

I thought it was pretty genius to throw some goldfish in there as cheese croutons (if you will), but Lauren quickly squashed my hopes and dreams when she told me there’s some famous grilled cheese place that’s been doing this for a long time.

Whatever. I’m still a genius.

The tomato soup was one of those microwavable grab and go Campbell ones and I was surprisingly impressed.

For the grilled cheese, I used a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin. I spread one side with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (what we had in the kitchen) and put my light cheddar cheese slice on the other, then toasted it all for a few minutes.

For dessert, I made a new discovery! Our office kitchen has newly stocked these fall-themed Hershey’s kisses and I was all over them.

In case you can’t read the names, they’re Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice.

There’s nothing healthy about them, but they are so much fun!

I figured balance was key here, so I followed those a little while later with an apple

Because it’s all about balance, right?


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7 responses to “Early Morning Shopping Trip

  1. I need to stock up on nut butters, I only have 1! Which is your favorite? I love the Halloween Hersheys! Yum! Clearly time to break into my Halloween candy stash.

  2. Claire

    Those waffles look amazing! What are chia seeds? Are they a flavor or a health thing? Constantly blowing my mind.

  3. For some stupid reason I’m a better-sorry-than-safe person and I eat things that I probably shouldn’t. I figure “Ah, it’s probably fine!” And it usually is. =)

  4. On a general level, the phrase “The Bees Knees” is the best phrase in the english language. My personal quest is to bring it back. And it sounds really good to eat. Nut butter on waffles = crazy delicious

  5. Mark

    Are you sure you didn’t just want an excuse to buy a new brand of waffles? 😛

    Were the candy corn kisses white chocolate or actually candy corn?

    Oh, i hear the garage door. I guess I’ll just ask you.

  6. Ok so let’s take one of those waffles, slather it with some of that new peanut butter, fill with those hershey kisses and then top with another waffle – sound good?

    Yum, I am jealous of your eats today! I am in an airport right now and could go for some good food.

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