This is not the easiest post to write.

As you guys know, I recently began identifying as a runner.


I ran my first race, a 5K mud run, in March.


In September, I ran my first 10K and beat my goal time.


However, as you guys also know, my achilles tendon has been bugging me for a while.

Finally, you also know that I’ve been training for a 10K on Thanksgiving and a 10K on December 11, and that I’ve been planning on running a half marathon in June.

Unfortunately, that nagging and building pain and sense of creaking in my achilles tendon is, in fact, Achilles Tendonitis. And that, unfortunately, means I’m basically benched. I can’t run for a while, though I can get back to light cardio once I’m not in pain anymore.

I have to take a bunch of pain relievers/ anti-inflammatory medication until I’m feeling better and I have to go to an obscene amount of physical therapy.

Barring a truly speedy recovery, I can’t run for at least a month, possibly more. Possibly ever.

In other words, barring a miracle, I won’t running the 10K on Thanksgiving and likely also won’t be running the one in December. The half is far enough off that I don’t feel I need to or should make any proclamations about it, but… I have my doubts.

Basically, the doctor told me that because I don’t have a “typical runner’s body,” I’m putting my body through a lot. And that makes sense and all, but… well, excuse my language, but that just really f-ing sucks. Does that sound like an unfairly vicious cycle to anyone else?

There are a whole lot of reasons that I’m frustrated about this, but suffice it to say that the main issue here is that I’m a go hard, adventure-seeking, push-myself-til-I drop kind of of athlete. I like running because it’s hard for me. I like boot camp because it kicks my ass. I loved my first spinning class because I left it drenched and exhausted. I have trouble with yoga and pilates because they don’t involve running, kicking, punching or jumping. I don’t even think I know what light cardio is, and, frankly, I don’t particularly want to.

I also, however, know that I have to let myself heal and that my stubbornness is a good part of why I’m in this situation in the first place. I now have a doctor telling me what I need to do in order to get better, and no amount of willpower can fight against a doctor’s orders. That, I know, would be just plain stupid.


Enough whining and venting. It sucks but I have more going on in my life than a frustrating diagnosis and dwelling isn’t going to make it any better.

I’ll be back later with the regular programming. 😉



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8 responses to “Benched

  1. I’m so sorry. That sucks to hear from a doc, especially “you don’t have a typical runners body”. That’s really messed up. Hang in there. Hopefully it will get better quickly.

  2. I am so sorry! It’s never fun to be injured, let alone a chronic type injury like tendinitis. 😦 I know I’m not a doctor, but I can say from my own experience, with tendinitis, it is painful, and can be debilitating, but it’s not impossible to work with. I hope after you go through all the physical therapy they can give you the go ahead to keep running!

  3. Boo. I’m sorry 😦
    Take the time off and I think you’ll be running again before you know it.

  4. Jennifer

    I am so sorry to hear this! Be sure, though, to rest and listen to what the doctor says…there’s a better chance you’ll be up and running before you know it!

  5. Definitely rest and take the time you need to heal. I had to bench myself for 3 months when my knees started having issues and it was AWFUL but slowly I’m getting back. It’s rough but I learned that I am okay with yoga, pilates and biking. I whined about doing them because they just aren’t very challenging for me but I found yoga classes that I struggled with and that helped.

    My podiatrist straight up told me I was too overweight to run. WTF is up with these comments? So annoying. What is a typical runner’s body anyway?

    Hang in there! You can email me anytime if you need support 🙂

  6. As a runner who has spent most of the last 2 years or so battling some injury or another I can tell you it does really suck… There is a light at the end of the tunnel, achilles tendonitis doesn’t mean the end of your running but it could if you don’t treat it with respect.
    Find things you can do, as Amanda says she found yoga/pilates/biking.
    The runner’s body thing is a load of crap, anyone can run, but the thing is that if you’re not used to running bits of your body can’t cope with new stresses being placed upon them. In your case it was your achilles, in my case my ITB resulting in knee pain. I’m over that but now other things are getting aggrevated because of my inactivity for the last 6 months, so yes it is a vicious cycle! Core stregth (i.e. yoga/pilates/circuits) are the key.
    The most important thing is to find a sports injury professional who you can place your trust in. I don’t know how it works in the US but in the UK I would never go to a doctor in the first instance for a sports injury, I would go to a sports physio. If it’s really bad I’d get referred to a sports doctor.
    Hope you can get back running soon!

  7. Aw, boo! That’s no fun. I have achilles tendonitis too but there are still some good low-impact workouts that I enjoy…I love stationery bikes and I’m usually OK on the elliptical, and I can tolerate most medium-to-high impact workouts to a certain extent. Just make sure you wear a brace 🙂

  8. Hey Kaitlin! Sorry to hear about the tendinitis. I had the same thing earlier this year and the doc told me, as well, that I am not designed to be a runner. After a lot of PT (and $$$!) I am healed, but have to keep my runs to <5 miles or so, or it is pretty painful. I'm sorry you have to deal w/ it!

    Side note, gimme those dogs!

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