Hallow’s Eve… Eve

Everybody else is celebrating Halloween tonight, right?

I sure am. Well, tonight and tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Today has been absolutely beautiful. Don’t believe me?

You do now! 🙂

It’s one of those days that makes me excited to live in Southern California.

I started out the day with two waffles. One was topped with White Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter, cherry Crofters and chia seeds and the other is topped with coconut butter, chia seeds and blackberries.

Toward the end, I started smooshing little pieces of them together.

Good start to the day, right?

I continued the good morning with a lovely trip to the Farmer’s Market. I don’t have a ton of time to write much more, but I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures.

And… look what I found!

Oh, just let me have it. We don’t get many of those in these parts.

Alright…. time for me to…


Time to go celebrate Halloween in style!

Have wonderful nights, my friends! What are you doing to celebrate?



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3 responses to “Hallow’s Eve… Eve

  1. Great pictures! I love finding a stray leaf. Its like when we have a kind of cool day and I close my eyes and forget that I’m standing next to a palm tree.

  2. actorsdiet

    whenever i see a non-green leaf in l.a. i snap a picture too!

  3. Hahaha, I feel the same way when I see fall. Oh leaves, how I miss them.

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