My last three posts now have “Hallo-” something in the title. Well, it’s fitting.

Just wait until Christmas. I’m more than a little obsessed.

So, on Saturday, before all the festivities began, I managed to fit in a workout! I swam for a little under an hour (40 laps/ 80 lengths) and, even though swimming isn’t my favorite workout, it felt fantastic to just be doing something athletic. It was amazing how noticeably I could feel the return of my endorphins, too!

A few hours (and a shower) later, I headed to my first party of the weekend, which was a karaoke event at a bar in Burbank called Sardo’s.

While there, Claire (as Joan from Mad Men), Amy (as Minnie Mouse) and I (as Wendy from Peter Pan!) all attempted to take a good picture. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as I kind of love all of the failed photos), we were all being a little too silly to really get a good one.

Here’s a taste:

We got closer to a good one here… (even though Claire is totally about to laugh)

And then Chris joined us.

I don’t think Chris and I got the “kissy face” memo. Either that, or Amy and Claire just didn’t get the “smile” memo.

Also, I told Chris he could have been the John to my Wendy. Don’t you think so?

Anyway, though I had put myself on the karaoke list to sing “Something To Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt, I ended up having to go before my name was called. Bummer.

Onto the next party! I didn’t remember to take many pictures there, but I did manage to get this one with my friends Dianne and Christin. Plus, you get to see my whole costume here!

I love Halloween. Costumes can be so creative! And telling, too. πŸ˜‰ Mine is pretty indicative of my personality.

I made it a somewhat early night, as I knew I had another party in the morning and that I’d have to bake for it first. This party was a “Boo-runch” (cute, right?) and it was packed with fun costumes and amazing food.

Isn’t that a nice spread? And that wasn’t even all of it!

I’d woken up early enough that I’d had a light breakfast already, but I still made myself a small plate of some of an egg dish and an orange chocolate chip scone.

The eggs were awesome… but do you notice something?

The egg dish had meat! I didn’t even think about it. So, sadly, I fell one day short of my “Vegetarian for a Week” goal. Bummer.

My friends Meredith and Robert had the best costumes of anyone else I saw all weekend.

Aren’t they adorable as Beauty and the Beast?

My friend Chris (in the middle), his wife Kati, and his twin brother Charlie went as “Halloween in 3-D.” Clever!

Before I left, I snapped one last picture with two of my favorite guys…

… and then I went home and crashed. Hard. I was happy to get out of that costume once and for all!

How were all of your Halloweens?



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3 responses to “Hallo-weekend

  1. You’re adorable in that costume πŸ™‚

  2. Your costume is so cute! I love it. πŸ™‚

  3. So cute! Looks like a fun Halloweekend!

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