Family Night

It’s nearly late-afternoon and I am only getting to my first post of the day now. This day has kind of gotten away from me, huh?

I have been kind of buzzing with excitement about what’s to come over the next few days. This also means that my to-do list has expanded exponentially and that it has been made ten times harder to sit at my desk all day.

Also making it tough to sit still? The realization, as I went over my calendar for the upcoming weeks, that I pretty much don’t have a single “free” day for the rest of 2010. Seriously. That’s nuts. Other than when I was in the middle of my thesis at film school, I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy in my life. On the bright side, though, my current overwhelming schedule is due to my social butterfly ways, whereas during my thesis, it was seemingly never-ending work.

Speaking of being social, last night brought another “Biggest Loser” get together. This week, it was Chris’s turn to cook. He made us some a-maaaa-zing BBQ Chicken Quesadillas that kind of made my mouth water.

I had three of these:

Plus a little of the “Fiesta Salad” that Amy made as a side dish:

And then I was really quite full.

I was a terrible blogger last night. I was far too involved with the company to get very serious about taking many pictures.

Or, you know, to worry about silly things like lighting or camera settings. The result? The “artsy” photos above.

In better news, I’m beginning to see these nights as “family nights.” This makes me happy.

This morning was another one of those rushed mornings, as I again had errands to run before work and had to be in a little early today.

But first, I had to start the day out with a workout! šŸ™‚ I did 45 laps/ 90 lengths in the pool today in just a little under an hour. I set out to do 40/80 but then decided midway through that I’d go for 50/100. When I ran out of time, I settled in on a solid 45/90.

After about 30 laps (I guess that’s how long it takes me to truly find my rhythm), I consistently feel like I could just swim forever. This probably means I need to push myself a little harder in the pool. I definitely don’t always feel like I can run forever!

Ahh, running. I miss you.

Anyway, I fueled up for the day, post-workout, with some waffles.

More specifically, I had two whole wheat Vans waffles topped with The Bees Knees Peanut Butter, chia seeds, sliced strawberries and blueberries.

And they were goooood.

I love having fresh fruit in the morning. Fresh fruit makes for a good start to the day.

Tuesday Morning Workout

(I forgot to do this yesterday)

45 minutes strength training

Wendesday Morning Workout

~58 minutes swimming 45 laps/90 lengths



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4 responses to “Family Night

  1. Love that you have family nights. Family is whoever you’re comfortable with and enjoy spending time with and of course, your food always looks good.

    The berries on your waffles look amazing. Such pretty colours. I miss summer.

    • I agree! Family definitely is whoever you want them to be. šŸ™‚ Thank you for the compliments! I agree, too. Strawberries and blueberries are usually such summer fruits, but they still tasted good today!

  2. I love Van’s waffles! Your waffles look scrumptious! I’m glad you had a great family night.

  3. I don’t have a free weekend till 2011 either! I’m hoping to plan another blogger meet-up after the Foodbuzz Festival though. I miss them!

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