No More Candy!

I need my office to purge of all of its Halloween candy.

I don’t even like candy that much, but when it’s just a few feet away and a sweet craving hits… that’s dangerous, you know what I mean?

Oh, you know. Don’t pretend you don’t.

(Just FYI, I totally hear the Jaws theme in my head as I look at those pictures in progression. And, I’m not going to lie, I heard it as I took the pictures, too. I’m special.)

My heart was stolen by a Pay Day. Love those things. Perfect blend of sweet and salty. Anyway, that “fun size” candy bar was consumed after a completely nutritious lunch, so at least there’s that.

I had more leftover roasted veggies, so I knew I needed to use those.

I also had a block of tofu that needed to be consumed before I left for my mini-vacation tomorrow (!!!), so I cut that up into cubes and broiled the cubes in the toaster oven for a few minutes.

While everything was heating up, I decided I needed something to pull it all together… so, despite my reservations about how potatoes and soy sauce would mix, I just went for it.

It worked well enough.

Not a make-again-as-soon-as-possible kind of meal, but, you know – good enough.

I finished lunch off with two dates, thinking that would curb my sweet craving…

But, well… we all know how that ended.

(Badly. In case you needed help there.)


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7 responses to “No More Candy!

  1. OMG it’s like the little pumpkins on that tub are smiling at you!!!!


    ps thanks a lot for revealing that stash….I totes didn’t know about it! Now I’m in for it….

  2. nothing wrong with having a payday every now and then!

  3. Ugh I hear you, we have bags of candy at school that we give the kids. It’s a problem!

  4. I am super impressed that you still have Halloween candy. Mine was consumed on Sunday afternoon!

  5. I love the food ideas you have- I have been struggling with a MAJOR sweet tooth lately so good for you with only the one Mini pay day!! (It could have been a ton worse)
    Thanks for sharing your day!!

  6. If you want to mail me the KitKat – I wouldn’t refuse! LOL 🙂

  7. Lew and I just made our first stop to drop the kids off with the Grandparents. We look forward to meeting you tomorrow.. Ashlee and Lew

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