The Pull-Up Bar

My day today has been hilarious because of this:

My boss got a (temporary) pull-up bar and the past few hours have been full of friendly competition as various people in the office have tried to do their personal best – be that one pull-up or, as you can see, the reigning nine (for Jack – who actually did 13, but only nine entirely consecutively. I would have given him the 13, but whatever.).

This is seriously the view from my desk. Suffice it to say that it’s been an amusing afternoon.

In other news, in all of my packing disarray, I a) didn’t have time to make a real dinner last night and just made some unworthy-of-the-camera eggs, and b) completely forgot my lunch at home this morning.

Packing apparently = food as a non-priority. Weird.

Good thing my office kitchen stocks food!

So, I made a simple and quick lunch of ham and cheddar on potato bread with honey mustard (which I made by combining two mustard packets with a drizzle of honey) and a little avocado (stolen from Lauren).

Nothing special, but it did its job!

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but Kim and I forgot to do tea on Tea Tuesday, so we decided we’d make up for it with a Tea Thursday.

This week’s pick: Cacao Mint.

Definitely my favorite so far. First of all, the smell is out of this world, with the intoxicating aroma of chocolate and mint. And, happily, it tastes just as it smells… and just as you’d want it to.


Like dessert!

Also, I love that the mug Kim always happens to give me (as she has a few!) is my absolute favorite color. It’s even the key accent color in my bedroom.

Alright… it’s time to start wrapping things up around here. It’s almost SF time!!!


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3 responses to “The Pull-Up Bar

  1. See you soon!!!!!

    That tea sounds amazing.

  2. Have fun at Foodbuzz Fest! Wish I was there!

  3. Oh pull up bars, I had to throw Dan’s away. He only used it to swing himself and I was worried he was going to break the door frame. Haha, yes I married a 4-year old. 🙂

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