Having The Time Of My Life

I’m at the Foodbuzz Festival.

In San Francisco.

With old friends, new friends, and many blogging heroes of mine.

Suffice it to say I’m having the time of my life.

There’s so much to do here and, thus, so much to miss. As a result, I don’t have a ton of time to post. So, I’ll leave you with a teaser of some highlights of the weekend thus far. 🙂

See you when I’m back in LA!




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11 responses to “Having The Time Of My Life

  1. AHHHH! I SO should have blown off school and gone.

  2. I SO wish I could have gone. I can’t wait to attend my first blog conference.

  3. Mark

    Heeeeeey Cupakes! Yum.

  4. Jen

    I am loving all of the pictures everyone has been posting this weekend!!! Looks like a ton of fun, I hope to go next year 🙂


  5. glad to hear you had a fantastic weekend up here. 🙂 looking forward to all your photos + recap!

  6. Hi Kaitlin, I’m glad we finally met 🙂 but we didn’t get to take our group pictures of L.A/OC bloggers. Hopefully we will all be back next year.

    Remember during the morning walk? well I can’t wait to see the pictures your talk during our hilly stroll, especially of the puppy that was on the street outside the coffee shop 🙂

  7. It was so great to meet you! There needs to be an LA blogger meetup before Christmas!


    It was really awesome hanging out with you. Lets do it again soon. Maybe we(I) can lay off the booze this time.

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