Foodbuzz Festival: Friday Night Food Fare

Friday night brought the first official event of the Foodbuzz Festival: the Food Fare (yes, spelled that way).

It was held at the Herbst Pavilion on the water, and we were lucky enough to arrive just at sunset.

Here, in a (sadly) blurry picture, are my three lovely roommates: Raya, Heather and Laura.

It was so exciting to have everything officially begin. Being surrounded by so many like-minded people – and, let’s be honest, by some of my blogging idols – was surreal.

In this scenario, I was anything but alone in my need to whip my camera out every other second.

Armed with my (already fading) nametag…

…and the first of many glasses of wine…

… I entered the pavilion for the food fare.

Almost immediately, I happened upon two of my very best blogging friends, Amanda and Andy from Two Boos Who Eat!

Love those two. Love.

One of the first things we were greeted with was a massive cupcake display spelling “Foodbuzz.”

Cool, right?

Turns out the display was not just for eating, but was also to be used later for a Food Network pilot! Lots of TV equipment and crew were around.

Given that I’m from LA and a part of the film/ TV business, I was less excited about this than everyone else… but, still, it was cool and it would be fun to see so many people I know on the show, should the pilot ever make it to the air.

What I was very excited about was all of the food!

You know. Obviously.

The event started with everyone seated so that we could begin our gift exchange.

I brought local LA honey and a honey dipper. I was actually supposed to bring more, but the rest broke in my suitcase. 😦

I lucked out with an awesome gift of fruit butters and jams from Ashlee and Lewis from Ash and Lew Plus 2.

They were so sweet and fun! I had a blast meeting them.

At the table, we were able to snack on fruit, cheese and bread plates.

I snacked on a little bit, but I saved room, as I was getting pretty psyched for all of the amazing food around us!

Soon enough, it was time to eat!

And eat, we did.

A shot of me from Kimmie (who thought this was very funny and blogger-appropriate… as did I):

Ah, the life of a food blogger.

This is the shot I was getting:

That was a take on gumbo (with octopus in it!).  It was surprisingly good (for a foodie, I’m a wimp).

Below are tacos from tacolicious.

I actually tried three: the beef, the carnitas, and the vegetarian. While I (surprisingly) enjoyed the beef the most (yum!), the vegetarian was the most interesting. It had cactus in it!

So cool. The second totally new thing of the night for me.

I also tried pizza from Pizza Politana, which was delicious…

…beers from The Thirsty Bear (below is a Vanilla ale!)…

… ice cream from Straus Family Creamery (Caramel Toffee Crunch and Brown Sugar Banana… YUM)…

…and, of course, cupcakes from Mission Minis. Flavors: Pumpkin, Vanilla, and Spice.

Obviously, the pumpkin spoke to me. 😉 I did, however (of course), try all three.

It was a long but amazing night of lots and lots of eating and drinking.

Back later with installment #3!



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9 responses to “Foodbuzz Festival: Friday Night Food Fare

  1. The ice cream was my favorite part 🙂

  2. Oh you are brave with that cup. I would have for sure dropped the cup, plate and camera. 😉

  3. I love the photo of you taking a photo! And the honey broke IN your suitcase??? Yikes! I hope you had it securely wrapped!

  4. Great recap, I wish we could go back in time and re-live this whole weekend! Had such a great time with you 🙂

  5. Can we go back? I didn’t eat enough. I’m so jealous I’m not eating this again. Damn you Foodbuzz!

  6. How are you balancing that cup!? That’s amazing. Ah! Next year I am TOTALLY going to foodbuzz fest. No. Matter. What.

  7. Seriously, I just want to go back already.

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